Monday, December 03, 2012

Instagram Photos: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Hey dear readers, it's the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year, the Christmas season. Here's what I've been doing recently and how I've been preparing for December. :)
Outfit of the day, mustard, black and white. // Branches from the woods to paint them white. // Hello! :) // Craft night with Anja, Sina and Kat, they have the cutest phone case ever. // Sewing a Christmas bunting. // Hello, stinky baby.
On my sewing table. // Fabric for sewing pillow cases. // On my shelf. // Mhhh! Best lemonade! // I made new pillow cases. // Do you spot me?
Sick little Mogli! // Preparing for a Christmas craft party. // Sunday brunch. // Party! // Mediterranean dinner. // Casual Sunday walk.
Recycled Advent candles. // New golden earrings. // Ed Sheeran concert in Berlin. :-* // Christmas fabric. // Tiny Christmas trees for mugs. // Getting my home ready for my weekend guests.
In the kitchen. // Awwww, the sweet ladies visiting me! Laura of Tagträumerin, Vivi of matzab, Katha of Kathastrophal and Anja my sweetheart! // Let the Crafty Christmas blogger party begin! // My sweet table, I love it so much! // My guest brought me super pretty gifts. :)
So much food for everyone! // Crafty. // My little gentleman. // Flo's Donald Duck shoes perfectly matching Sina's candy outfit. // Me posting photos on Instagram. ;) (photo taken by Katha) // Girls, girls, girls!
Too lazy to craft. // Anja, the cutest Christmas elf ever. // Katha made a pretty wind light. // Laura has been working on a bunting. // The next morning, I made breakfast. :) // Snooooooow!!!!
Sightseing in Potsdam with these pretty girls. // At cafe Heider (one of Potsdam's most famous spots) for a delicious snack. // Sewing lesson for Katha and Vivi. :) // Saying goodbye to little Mojo.
Sightseeing with Vivi in Berlin, such a lovely day! :) // We also went to the Mauerpark flea market and bought some cupcakes, it feels as if we've done nothing more than eating all Sunday. :D // The beautiful brooch that Laura made me. DIY on her blog. :) // Taking some photos with Flo. Love my green coat. :)

Hope you are having a good time, too! :*


  1. hach* so schöne Fotos! ich mag den Filter übrigens lieber, jap jap :)

    Freitag war toll :*

  2. Lu in Jeans, ein ganz seltenes Bild. Ansonsten so schön bunt wie immer! Die Weihnachtsstoffe gefallen mir übrigens echt gut!
    Liebe Grüße, Goldengelchen

  3. Sehr schöne Bilder! Sieht so aus, als hättet ihr 'ne Menge Spaß gehabt und es euch gut gehen lassen! :-) Mag deine Weihnachtsdeko sehr!

    LG, Steffi

  4. das sieht alles sooo so nett aus. wenn dein leben nur halb so schön ist wie deine bilder immer, dann bist du ein ganz schön warmer mensch :) !!

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