Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Sew a Gift Bag.

Hi everybody! Here's a quick and easy DIY for how to sew simple gift bags. I love those bags, because they are so colorful (when you use pretty fabric :)) and you can recycle them each year.
You need some fabric (depending on the size of your final bag you need enough fabric for front and back) and some cord.
Put front and back onto each other (or in case you only have one piece of fabric like I, fold it in the middle like I did) and put the cord inside and let the end look out of the bag so that you can sew over it. Use pins to stick both layers onto each other and sew. The sides and the bottom of your bag have to be closed this way, the top has to be left open.
Cut the button corners so that you can better turn the bag inside out. After doing this, fold over the top edge like on my photo and use pins to fix it.
Top stitch the top edge of your bag. That's it! You can now fill it with pretty things and use the cord to close your bag. :)

Happy sewing!

(P.S.: In case you don't want to sew such a bag yourself, you can buy some here in my shop. :))


  1. Hallo Lu,
    Ich habe dich gerade durch den blog von Laura entdeckt. Einen sehr schoenen blog hast du! :) Liebe gruesse aus Holland, Andrea

    1. Danke, das freut mich! :) Liebe Grüße zurück nach Holland! :)

  2. Schöne Idee mit dem eingenähten Band :) I like.

  3. Der Stoff ist ja mehr als süß!

  4. Ja den Stoff finde ich auch ziemlich niedlich! :-) Und mit so süßen Säckchen kann man echt nett verpacken :-) NICE!

  5. Nice gift bag design. I like it very much.

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