Wednesday, December 05, 2012

How to Sew a Christmas Stocking.

Hello my lovely readers! Tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day and in case you need inspiration for a last minute stocking DIY, here's a tutorial for how to make one.

fabric courtesy of modes4u
In late summer, a nice lady of modes4u has written me an e-mail and suggested a little cooperation, they then sent me all those pretty Christmas fabrics I chose so that I can show you what to make with them. For this tutorial, I didn't want to use classy Christmas colors, I rather wanted to make a stocking in candy colors and this is why I chose the pretty fabric in turquoise displaying a bright winter wonderland (more other designer fabrics can be found here). :)
What you will need for this project:
- Two different pieces of fabric
- A ribbon
- A zig zag ribbon
- Sewing supplies
- Paper and pencil to make a pattern
Draw the shape of a stocking and make it a little bit higher (longer) than you actually want it to be. Then cut it into two pieces like I did so that you have to different patterns for the top part and the lower part (including the seam allowances). Next, put the top part onto the left side of the fabric, once for the front, once for the back. Then do the same with the lower part of the pattern.
As you've already done it with the top part of the pattern, also use the lower part to draw it onto the back side of the fabric and then cut it out. You should now have four pieces which look like the ones on the top left photo, two pieces for the top part (front and back) and two pieces for the lower part (front and back). Put them onto each other (at the part where the seam allowances are), right sides facing each other and then sew them onto each other (at the point where there will be the approximate middle of the stocking).
After sewing the top and bottom part onto each other, use a zig zag stitch to neaten the seam allowances and iron them. Do this each with the front and the back of your stocking and add the zig zag ribbon (where the seam is). Next, put both sides onto each other, right sides facing, and use pins to attach them to each other.
Sew both sides onto each other and finally use a zig zag stitch to neaten the seam allowances. Then, as a last step, fold over the top part of your stocking two times (like on the lower left photo) so that one can't see the edge anymore and then topstitch and include a ribbon which you can use to hang up the stocking.
That's it! :) In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. :)
Happy sewing!


  1. Great tutorial and I love the fabric that you've used! I wish I could find cute fabrics in the local shops here. :-)

    1. Thanks so much! :) You can find such fabric online! :)

  2. So ein tolles Tutorial und die Stoffe sind richtig schön!

  3. Oh, sehr hübsch und auch noch so einfach. Das ist direkt was für Nähanfängerinnen wie mich.

  4. Yay for Christmas stockings! Such amazing fabric :) x

  5. Hallo Lu,
    tolles Tutorial und das sind Traumstöffchen!
    Lg, Miriam

  6. I love the colour choice and the little deer on it! So pretty!

  7. Was für ein niedlicher Rehstoff. So ein Söckchen würd ich mir auch über den Kamin hängen.


  8. What a sweet little stocking!!

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