Monday, November 19, 2012

Handmade Advent calendar, part two.

Hello everyone! :) Some days ago I posted photos of the pretty Advent calendar I made for Flo and here's a second one, a calendar I made for Anja. :) It was soooo cute how happy, thankful and surprised both of them were and it was totally worth the effort!!! :*
For Flo's calendar I chose red, green, white and cream but this time, I wanted to make it a bit more girly and also used turquoise and pink for Anja's version.
Like it also did it with Flo's calendar, I sewed gift bags, wrapped tiny presents in packaging paper and also used white envelopes and paper bags which I embellished with handmade Christmas stamps. I used clothes pins and washi tape (courtesy of modes 4u, thank you! :)) to attach the numbers which I wrote onto paperboard I punched out.
What is more, I also added some cinnamon sticks and a candy cane.
So happy about how prettily it has turned out! :)
Because it was a gift and I couldn't simply walk into Anja's house and nail the calendar onto her walls without ruining the surprise, I was thinking about another solution and then I decided to put everything into a little box which I had decorated with wrapping paper. I love it!

Are you making any Advent calendars this year? ;)


  1. Looks greate!

    love greetings

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  2. Der ist auch sehr hübsch geworden!

  3. Ganz tolle Idee! Wer würde sich nicht über so ein wundervolles Geschenk freuen? Ich habe auch schon eine Idee für einen Adventskalender, aber das muss leider bis zum Wochenende warten.

  4. Sag mal, ich wollte in ein paar Tagen (morgen oder übermorgen) auf meinem Blog einen Post über Adventskalender machen (wenn mein zweiter endlich fertig ist :) ) und ich würde gerne a lá "hier hier und hier gibts auch wunderschöne ideen" ein paar Blogs verlinken. Würde es dir was ausmachen, wenn ich diesen Post und deinen anderen Adventskalender Post hier mit verlinke??

    1. Im Gegenteil, ich freu mich drüber, vielen Dank! :)

    2. juhuu! ^_____^ Du bist dann nu auch verlinkt:

  5. I love this!! And I love this blog of yours that I just discovered too! :)


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