Monday, October 08, 2012

Apple Card Fall DIY with Fabric Scraps.

Hello and happy Monday, lovelies! :) Here's a super easy peasy fall themed DIY for you to recycle fabric scraps. Maybe you remember the fall bunting tutorial I shared recently as a guestpost for Kathastrophal? :) This project is similar, but even better. :D When making the bunting, I sewed all the apples onto the cardboard, but this time, I only used glue and this way, those cards can be made faster and easier and I think it even looks prettier.
You can make them in several different sizes and either use them as gift tags, postcards, thank you cards or even as artwork to decorate the walls in your home!
You need:
- Some cardboard
- Colorful fabric scraps
- A brown felt tip
- Good glue (I used the white glue from Idee, it's perfect to glue fabric onto paper / cardboard)
It's super simple: cut out pieces of cardboard in the size you need. Next, cut out fabric scraps in the shape of apples and leaves and glue them onto the cardboard. Finally, use a felt tip to draw the stalk. (If you want to, you can also add the apple's seeds with your felt tip.)
For using them as gift tags, you only need to punch little holes into one corner so that you can pull through a thread.

I used those colorful apple cards as tiny thank you gifts on the market where I recently sold my handmade things. Each customer who bought something was offered to choose one of those cards and I told them about my different ideas for how to use those cards. :)

In case you're gonna make those, too, what will you use them for? :)
I'm still thinking of making one really big one to frame it and to hang it on my wall. :)


  1. ich hab als erstes an ein diy-memoryspiel gedacht :)
    aber sehr süß, die karten!

  2. They are so cute :)

    I have loads of fabric scraps to use up too!
    Thankyou for the tutorial,

    Emma xx

  3. Hu, die sehen toll aus! Ich fänds schön, sie an Geschenke zu hängen und hintendrauf vielleicht den Namen des Geburtstagskindes zu schreiben! :)

  4. Wirklich sehr hübsch! :-)
    LG, Steffi

  5. They are so cute!!! Thank you for sharing such a super tutorial! I'll definitely be gining them a try!

  6. hab noch keine im briefkasten gefunden :D


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