Friday, September 21, 2012

One Piece of Fabric, Three Projects: What We Made.

Hello! :) A few days ago I posted about the idea 'One Piece of Fabric, Three Projects' on which Laura of Tagträumerin, Stefanie of Squeaky Swing and I have been working. We found an awesome piece of vintage fabric, each one of us kept 2 meters and we all sewed something different. :)
So here you can see all of our three projects at once, each made with lots of love, using this super pretty and colorful piece of fabric! :)
As I have already written quite often, I love projects with fellow bloggers and it was lots of fun working on this one. Stefanie wrote that this fabric will always remind us of each other and I couldn't agree more: when wearing my new, handmade dress, I will always think of those two great girls and the awesome time we spent with each other this summer! :)
Wow, this is Laura's beautiful skirt! It's a paperbag waist skirt and she did not only share her colorful outfit with her skirt, but also a detailed and really good tutorial for how to sew such a skirt oneself! (In case you forgot or didn't even now, Laura is not only a tailor, but she also studies fashion design and I'm always impressed by her sewing skills and sense for fashion... :))

Next, Stefanie has sewn a super pretty pillow case to use it for home decor purposes. Doesn't it look great in that beautiful chair with the romantic blanket? She has also shared a tutorial for how to make it, there are super easy and perfectly understandable step-by-step instructions so that even sewing beginners can make such a pretty pillow case themselves! :)

And here's finally what I have sewn, a super easy dress (I took the cut of a vintage dress and some of you asked me to provide a pattern, I hope I'll find some time for it, soon! :)) which I showed you in an outfit post a few days ago and combined it with matching accessories. :) This was lots of fun and I miss those two talented girls a lot!

Did you like what we turned this pretty vintage fabric into? :) What would you have done with it? ;) I still have got a little bit left (too sad that it's not enough to sew such a pillow case like Stefanie or such a great skirt like Laura), maybe I'll make a little neckerchief or a pouch. :)
Thanks for reading and happy weekend!


  1. Lu
    Great photos and uses of the lovely bright coloured fabric. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Die Sachen sind alle echt toll geworden! Gratulation zum ersten selbstgenähten Kleid!
    Gestern war Dein liebes Päckchen in der Post! Vielen Dank, sehr nett von Dir!
    GLG, Steffi

  3. 3 fantastic projects -I couldn't pick a favourite! :-)

  4. Such stunning fabric which I am VERY jealous of!
    You look so pretty, Lu :) And have you had a new side fringe put in? Looks lovely x


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