Tuesday, September 04, 2012

How to Shop & Style Vintage Clothing: Outfit Three.

Dresss: Colors
Belt: Peek & Cloppenburg
Wegdes: SPM fun
Feather ring: H&M

Happy Tuesday! I'm a little bit sad that this is my last outfit post of our vintage styling series, because I loved this project with Stefanie and Stef so much!
This times, this is no 'before - after post', but just a simple 'what I wore' vintage outfit post with some little styling advice.
This time, I'm again wearing a vintage dress which was way too long and which I had to shorten so that it fits my personal style. In contrast to many other vintage dresses with which one had to wear a belt in order to make them look pretty, this dress can also perfectly be worn without a belt, because it has a really nice shape. I just wanted to embellish it, because the belt matches the colors of the dress and my wedges. :)
During our vintage clothing photo shoot afternoon, we picked some pretty wild flowers which served as lovely accessory for some of our outfit shoots. :) (And please excuse my crumpled dress, we had to carry all the clothes to the location where we took the photos in a huge bag... :D)
Most of the time, I wear my hair the same way every day and I'm not a person who does a lot of experiments with new hairstyles, cuts and colors, but sometimes I like to match my hairstyle with my outfit. Because of its colors and the wild, huge floral pattern, the dress somehow reminds me a little bit of the hippie era and that's why I've chosen to wear a braid with a leather cord.
Check out Stefanie's blog Squeaky Swing for another vintage outfit this week and come back on Thursday for our final post to end this series, we are gonna share a summary of what we know about how to shop and style vintage clothing and we are gonna share a few lovely outfit photos of the three of us. :)


  1. Hallo Lu,
    das Outfit ist wieder super! Sehr stimmig und einfach toll!
    Lg, Miriam

  2. Ein wunderschönes Kleid und der Zopf passt dir wirklich gut.
    Und einen schönen neuen Header hast du auch.:)

  3. Wow, das Kleid ist glaube ich mein absoluter Favorit bisher! Steht dir richtig richtig gut!

  4. Das Kleid ist toll und die Farbe und das Muster passen super zu dir. Ich mag auch die gelben Accessoires und deine Frisur dazu - Zucker! (:


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