Sunday, September 02, 2012

A girl's day at the sea.

Hello everyone, happy Sunday! First of all, THANK YOU soooo much for all the overwhelming comments concerning my room tour, they made my heart melt! :)
Today I wanna share a few photos of my second trip to the seaside this summer. As most of you know, at the beginning of August, Stef of Magnoliaelectric and Stefanie of Squeaky Swing have been visiting me (oh my, I miss them so much!!!) and one day, the three of us and Anja went to the Baltic Sea. We got up really early in the morning, I prepared lots of food for a picnic and it took us more than four hours by train to get to the beach. When we arrived, it immediately started raining, so we bought umbrellas, took our rain coats and lay at the beach under our umbrellas, only our feet could be seen! I won't forget that...
When the sun finally came out, we were having a picnic and even dared to go into the really cold sea!!! :)

photo by Anja
I miss them so much!!!
awesome photo by Stef 

photo by Stef
  After our afternoon at the beach, we went to a Greek restaurant for dinner, it was sooooo good! Yummy!

photo taken by Stef
After dinner, we spent another hour at the beach, taking photos, jerking around and enjoying the last moments at the sea.

photos taken by Anja

photo taken by Stef

I miss them so much!
We were happy that we decided to go on this little trip, althoug the journey back home took really long and we were awfully tired when we arrived in Potsdam. :)
Precious summer memories, those days went by way too fast!
Love, Lu


  1. super fotos! looks like fun :)
    lg angela

  2. Das letzte Foto gefällt mir ganz besonders, so schöne bunte Strandkörbe.
    Hab noch nen schönen Sonntag Abend!
    Liebe Grüße, Goldengelchen

  3. Das Foto mit dem roten Regenschirm ist so hübsch :)

  4. Ich kenne die Fotos zwar schon, aber dennoch: toll toll toll! Mein Favorit ist auch das letzte Bild und Stefanie mit dem tollen roten Regenschirm. (:

    Es war so ein schöner Sommer und nun kommt ein schöner Herbst - ich freu mich!

    Alles Liebe,

  5. Ach, ich liebe all diese Fotos einfach so sehr! :)
    Schön, dass du uns nochmal an den Erinnerungen teilhaben lässt!


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