Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recipe: Blue Captain // Sailor Cocktail.

Hello! :) Today I wanna share a party recipe with you. :)
When I prepared everything for Flo's maritime birthday party, I was searching for a cocktail which matched the decor and the party's theme and I found a recipe for a non-alcoholic cocktail called Blue Captain.
I wanted to make it with some alcohol and I made a few other tiny changes and here's my final result, the recipe I used for the party:

You need:
- Curacao Blue liqueur
- White rum
- Lime juice (I better like fresh juice)
- Bitter lemon

How much you need of the several ingredients depends on how you want the cocktail to taste and how much alcohol you want to have inside.
About 50% of my cocktail consisted of bitter lemon, about another 20% consisted of liquer, about 20% of white rum and about 10% lime juice.
Mhhhh, this is soooo delicious and refreshing in summer! :) Happy Saturday!


  1. (und das bild ist so schief, weil lu schon son teil intus hatte, als sie das foto gemahct hatte *hahaha)

    warn echt lecker die teile! und sehn schicki aus!

  2. Der Cocktail sieht halt supergiftig aus... *g* Aber hört sich superlecker an - alles, was Bitter Lemon in sich hat, ist leggggaaaa... ;-)
    Lg, Miriam


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