Monday, August 27, 2012

My first big Craft Party.

Hello! :) I hope you were having a nice weekend! :)
Mine was super and now I've got tons of photos to share with you. :)
On Friday, I hosted a private Craft Party at home, it was so much fun! As I already wrote two days ago, the Craft Party takes places every year and it's a day on which many people come together (either in etsy labs, in community centers, in parks, in private homes or somewhere else) everywhere on the world. They craft, chat and create unique pieces. :)

I was so proud and excited that etsy asked me to host such a party myself and they were really generous and sent me two amazing packages full of craft supplies. One came from Berlin (the things on the left side of the table), the other one from New York which was sponsored by Michaels (the things on the right side of the table). The package from Berlin was for parties with at least 5 participants and the one from NY was originally for people with huge parties with at least 25 people, but there were some packages left and one simply had to submit a short text with giving some reasons why one should get one of those packages and I was so happy when I received one of them. :) Thank you so much again!!!
As you can see, we were provided with everything that was needed. :)
Moreover, I have lots of craft supplies, anyway, and I even went to the craft store to buy some additional materials that I wanted to use for some projects with my guests. :) The day before the party, I made a little inspiration board full of things I once made myself or with things I found on Pinterest to give my guests some inspiration and to show them a few ideas which could be made in just one evening.
My nice neighbours lend me another table so that we had enough space in my room. :)

I had seven guests so that we were a total of 9 people during the Craft Party. Apart from the food table I made, some of my guests brought food, too, so we had plenty to eat. :)
We started the party with making some jewellery and tiny accessories as a little warm up. ;)
Most of my guests are normally not that crafty, so they learned a lot and Anja and I gave gave some instructions and shared advice. :) It was so much fun to work on several, tiny projects. I made a little bracelet and worked on a Berlin tote.
Hanna and Mari made friendship bracelets, Anja crocheted a tiny flower and made a prety piece of home decor, using the great supplies we got from Michaels. You can find a tutorial for her sweet project on her blog! :)
Caro and Anjessa have never been sitting at a sewing machine before, but during the Craft Party I helped them sewing their own little phone pouches. So much fun!
Flo (the other one - don't get confused, we have two Flo's! :)) made a rose for his girlfriend (so cute!) out of fabric and and wire. :)
Look at all the pretty buttons etsy sent us! :) // Anja was still working on her project and I embellished my Berlin tote.
Tadaaaaaa, the girls finished their handmade phone pouches, the first time in their lives that they have sewed something with a sewing machine. :)
And of course we took plenty of photos and used the blue photo props I made for Flo's birthday party last year and the moustache that Anja once made me. :)
At the end of the evening, my room was a total mess, but it was worth it. :) I had so much fun with my guests and they enjoyed it, too! :)
Did you ever host a craft party? :)
Happy Monday,
P.S.: Click here to get to the etsy Craft Party flickr group. :)


  1. ...hach, einfach großartig.. schön, dass ihr einen so wunderbaren abend hattet und gemeinsam kreativ ward.. die bilder sind so klasse und es gibt sooo viel zu entdecken.. wow! :) die handytaschen sehen süß aus, sehr gut! :)
    danke für´s teilen und zeigen.. liebe grüße, gesa

  2. Lu, das sind einfach tolle Bilder!!! Und wie's aussieht, hattet ihr jede Menge Spaß und es sind tolle Sachen entstanden! Super find ich auch, dass ihr nicht nur Mädels wart, sondern sich die beiden Flo's auch beteiligt haben!
    So eine Craft-Party wär echt mal was Feines!
    Lg, Miriam

  3. Looks like you had so much fun! I'd love to host/participate in a craft party. It's always great to meet new people, share ideas and create! You've done a great job! :-)

  4. Oh wie großartig! Du hast mitgemacht :) Ich bin wirklich neidisch!
    Leider hätten sich hier nicht genügend Leute dafür gefunden :( Echt schade.
    Schöne Fotos :)

  5. Wäs für eine Party! I wish I was there... :)

  6. Hello Lu, you did great!
    I also saw the initiative on Etsy but I did not understand how it works ... my English leaves something 'to be desired .... Beautiful photos and I think it was a great day! congratulations!

  7. Schön das du ähnlich verkrepelt bügeln musst wie ich! Jetzt komme ich mir nur noch halb so doof dabei vor :)

  8. Mist, vielleicht hätte ich doch auch mitmachen sollen.

  9. Beim ersten Mal nähen direkt so süße Handytäschchen? Respekt an deine Freundinnen, aber sie hatten ja auch deine Unterstützung!
    Sieht nach einem echt super tollen Abend aus.
    Eine Craft Party habe ich noch nicht gemacht. Ich habe mit einer Freundin vor 2 Jahren mal öfters gebastelt, aber halt auch nur zu zweit. Und mit einer anderen Freundin wollte ich mich mal wieder zum häkeln treffen. Ich muss aber auch gestehen, dass ich (jedenfalls bisher) gerne auch für mich alleine werkel, ich brauch da auch ein bisschen Ruhe bei.

  10. Das klingt einfach toll, wie gern wär ich da dabei gewesen :-)
    Auf jeden Fall eine super Idee und sehr nachahmenswert!
    LG, Steffi

  11. Hello Lu,
    This looks like SO much fun!!! What a fantastic idea!!! I'd love to come to your next craft party!!! :-)

  12. OOOH, toll! Das sieht wirklich spitzenmäßig aus. Ich hätte auch so gerne eine Craft Party, auch mit sonst nicht so basteligen Freundinnen, veranstaltet, schade, dass ich nicht da war... ): Naja, vielleicht klappt's nächstes Jahr! Die Projekte, die du dir hast einfallen lassen, finde ich auch total super. (:

    Alles Liebe,

  13. Oh, das scheint ja ein voller Erfolg gewesen zu sein! Wunderbar! :)

  14. das sieht alles so toll aus! Wie gerne wäre ich auch bei so einer Party gewesen. :) Am allerliebsten bei deiner. ;) Sieht nach einer richtig tollen Craft Party aus. :)

  15. Ohh, sieht aus, als hättet ihr Riesenspaß gehabt! Ist ja zum neidisch werden.. All die tollen Stoffe und Bastelaccessoires!

  16. This looks like so much fun!
    There is no doubt about it that I would of come for sure if I lived closer :)

  17. Wenn ich solche Bilder sehe, dann bin ich einfach nur traurig, dass ich nicht in Deiner Hood wohne... ;-) Das sieht nach so viel Spaß aus und Du hast Dir wieder so unheimlich viel Mühe gegeben (wie clever ist bitte die Idee mit dem Inspirationsplakat!?)! Eine großartige Aktion und dann auch noch das große Paket aus New York! Wie krass ist das denn!? :-) Ich drück Dich aus der Ferne, Vivi


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