Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Shop & Style Vintage Clothing: Outfit Two.

Dress: bought at Humana
Earrings: s.i.x.
Bracelet and mini handbag: H&M
Wedges: SPM fun

Hello everyone, here's my second outfit of the vintage styling series which I created with my lovely new friends Stef of Magnoliaelectric and Stefanie of Squeaky Swing and this time, I've been wearing one of my favorite vintage summer dresses.
As we already wrote, we want to show you what to do with vintage clothes and want to show you how beautiful vintage dresses are and how prettily you can style them in a super easy way. We didn't style them in a super complicated way, but rather want to show simple ideas for how to wear those old dresses in everyday life and as you can see when you read the other posts, we love dresses with belts. :)
Those photos were also taken by Stef & Stefanie during our week we spent with each other, we had such a great afternoon preparing all those outfit photos! When I bought this dress a few months ago, it was way too long and since I like knee-length dresses a lot, I had to shorten it myself (maybe I'll one day we'll provide you with a tutorial for how to do this in relation to this vintage clothing series... :)). The day we took those photos, it has still been really shapeless, but with adding the fabric belt which belongs to the dress, it clinged to the body.
When I choose my outfit of the day, I always pay attention to color schemes and like in this outfit, I love to use accessories that match the dress itself.
What is more, this outfit includes several contrasts: not only the colors are highly contrastive, but also the shapes - in this outfit, I wear big, round earrings and a dress with stripes and because of the matching colors, this goes pretty well together.
The dress has a clear shape, whereas the wedges have floral details and have a rather romantic style, but because of the matching colors, those contrastive style elements don't matter and go well together, too.
Moreover, because of the high wedges and with wearing this tiny handbag, this dress with a simple, normal shape can be turned into a rather elegant outfit.
As you can see, although this dress is a vintage one, it can be easily combined with new accessories and can be turned from a shapeless, long sack into a pretty piece of clothing that I totally love! :)

I love outfit photos so much! :)
Don't forget to check out the blogs of Stefanie and Stef (who I both miss a lot!!!) for their second outfits of this series!! :)


  1. Was für ein schönes Kleid, so richtig sommerlich farbenfroh. Die Schuhe dazu sind auch toll, stehe im Moment sowieso total auf Gelb ;)

  2. Das Kleid ist so toll! Ich liebe die Farbenkombination und dass der Gürtel aus dem gleichen Stoff ist:-)

  3. Ein tolles Kleid, ich liebe die Muster und Farben!


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