Friday, June 15, 2012

Favorite Blogs: Interview with Jenny of Wolkengleich.

Hi everyone! :) I'm introducing a new blog feature, "Lu Loves...", in which I want to introduce one of my favourite blogs each Friday. :) The first blog I want to show you is Wolkengleich (in English "like a cloud"), written by my lovely friend Jenny. <3 Her cooking & baking skills are awesome, she produces amazing drawings, sews and does handicrafts. :)
So here's the interview for you to read to get to know her and her blog better. :)


1. Please introduce yourself. :)
Hello everyone, I’m Jennifer - some of you might already know me as one of Lu’s friends. I am 25 years old and student of the beloved fine arts. I love spending my free time with cooking, baking or just eating ;) Since I was a little girl I have watched my mum sewing and my grandma knitting and crocheting – so I was very ambitious about handicrafts and always interested in creating lovely things. I’m still in a learning process and hope that one day I can sew my one clothes. 

2. Why did you start blogging?
One day I realized that whenever I create something, I take a picture and share it with my friends. It’s so much fun showing and getting some feedback. So I decided to share my handmade things not only with my friends, but also with everyone else who is interested.
3. How would you briefly describe yourself and your style? &
4. What is special about you and your style? What makes you unique?
Hmmm….tough question - I always try to be authentic and that is the reason why I do what I want on MY blog – sometimes I’m totally into sewing cute bags with funny prints and sometimes I’m NOT. That is the reason why my blog is pretty many and diverse – sewing, crafting, baking, cooking, knitting or just an excerpt of my private life.
5. What is the best thing you have ever made / created / sewed / cooked / …? Please tell me about your best project it and share a link!
There are a lot of great recipes I shared on my blog, but one thing I’m really proud of is the first skirt I sewed after an instruction.
6. Concerning the creative part of your life, what is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
I think THIS is the moment where I have to thank my parents! My parents love the fact that I am sewing, crafting, blogging, cooking….. so they support me everywhere they can. Thank you for the new sewing machine, the overlock, my great camera,…..thank you for reading my blog every day. :-*
7. Who and / or what inspires you? Where do you get your inspiration from and how does your inspirational process look like?
The inspiration is everywhere….Sometimes I see something on a blog or somewhere else on the Internet and then I mix it with my own ideas. I also love to read different magazines and cookbooks…..and often I simply try out something with materials / ingredients I have at home.
8. How do you organize blogging? Do you always prepare your posts in advance or do you rather spontaneously post about what comes to your mind?
I am the queen of to-do-lists. But to be honest, I never really complete them. :D I don’t like the idea of “ I HAVE TO POST”…so I make a note if a have an interesting idea, but most of the time I post spontaneously.
9. Please name three of your favorite blogs to share them with my readers and briefly tell me why you like them and what makes them worth reading.
There are a lot of great blogs out there …puh….these three ones are some of my favorites (besides Lu’s blog ;): - saris blog is a great mix of a lot a pretty outfit post and even more awesome diy-ideas. - I really love a lot about this blog! Fee is blogging about nearly everything and while doing this, she is such a lovely person. - Marlenka is a fashion blogger and although it is not really my style, I LOVE to watch her wearing all those clothes.
10. Please share links to three of your favorite DIY ideas or projects (not your own ones :)).
Stitched jewellery by Rotkehlchen.
How to stitch a picture of yourself by Fee.
Pudding cups by Bakerella.
11. What is your biggest dream or most important goal you want to achieve?
I’m not looking for something material ….I just want to be happy and have a lot of special moments in my life. And I really REALLY WANT a CAT ;)


Dear Jenny, thank you so much for answering my questions! <3

(All photos in this post belong to Wolkengleich.)


  1. "Lu loves wolkengleich" AND wolkengleich really loves Lu <3

  2. Ooooh such an awesome interview :) Definitely going to check out her blog!

  3. Oh, da bin ich ja ich :)! Wie nett von dir, vielen herzlichen Dank! Jetzt fühle ich mich aber gebauchpinselt...

  4. Also ein ganz tolles Interview!!!
    Schön und vor allem sehr interessant zu lesen!

    Liebsten Gruß!

  5. Jenny macht wirklich einen sehr sympathischen Eindruck und ihren Blog werde ich mir jetzt auch gleich mal ansehen. Eine Katze möchte ich übrigens auch sooo gerne haben. (:

  6. Ihren Blog kenn ich schon durch dich. :)übrigens finde ich ihren Wolkengleich-schriftzug auf dem 2. Bild ganz toll. :)


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