Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Photos of my everyday life.

1. Wearing one of my favourite dresses and sitting on the balcony.
2. Mogli was sunbathing.
3. Hmmmmmm, sweet breakfast on the balcony.

Hey you, thanks to all of those who have already left a comment below my current giveaway and good luck again! :)
Life has lately been pretty busy, lots of stuff to do for university and I'm sooo lazy, although I have to do so much reading! The best thing is: last year I failed a course and this year, I enroled again and got a 1,3 / A-, I'm sooo proud and happy. :) Life's good! :)
Apart from university and work, I've been doing lots of cooking, crafting and sewing and spent time with some lovely people. :) Here are a few photos of last week. :)

1. Wearing the sandals I bought two years ago.
2. Red lipstick and my old sunglasses. <3
3. My favourite ice cream: mango and raspberry-lime sorbet!!
1. On the long weekend before May 1, Flo and I spent lots of time outside. Mogli loved it. :)
2. Floral top and my swallow necklace I once won in a giveaway on Amy Is The Party.
3. Potsdam! <3
1. My sailor flip flops, I love them. Unfortunaley, they have had it. :(
2. We invited our nice neighbours for dinner.
3. Awwwwwww, my new, yellow summer wedges, I love them soooo much! I don't really need them, but I couldn't resist buying them, because they are just perfect.
1. Shopping with Flo and Mogli.
2. Potsdam's church.
3. Sleepyhead. <3
1. Sewing some customized doggy bow ties for weddings.
2. Fruits.
3. I made tons of fresh, exotic jam, the best flavour!
1. This is my beloved striped summer skirt and my friends say that I look like an ice cream vendor when I'm wearing it. :D
2. Eeeeeks, romantic picnic with Flo on May 1 (a public holiday in Germany, 'Day of Work').
3. I love my picnic blanket and having bare feet. :)
1. Loooove!!! <3
2. Fruit snack during our picnic.
3. Flo's sunglasses as a mirror. :)

Yay, so many nice things last week and I already have lots of new photos to share. :D
I hope you're all doing fine, too! Did you have any highlights during the last weeks?

In case you haven't tried your luck, yet, don't forget to enter my lovely spring giveaway!! :)

Lu <3


  1. dein Hund ist sooo süß. :) Und den gestreiften Rock find ich auch toll. :) Und das Wetter bei dir! Und überhaupt! :)

  2. Deine gelben Schuhe sind ja wunderschön!

  3. bei euch ists so richtig warm, oder? Das sieht schon total nach Sommer aus!
    Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar bei mir!
    Liebe Grüße aus dem Regen!

  4. So schöne Bilder!!! Ich lieeebe alle deine Schuhe! *g*
    Und Mango und Himbeereis mag ich auch sooo gern!
    Lg, Miriam

  5. Also es wirkt so, als ob du ein schönes Leben in Potsdam hast!
    Ich war auch mal da (meine Patentante wohnt in Potsdam) aber so schön wie auf deinen Bildern kam es mir gar nicht vor!

    Wie alt ist eigentlich dein bezaubernder Mogli?

  6. Das Frühstück in der ersten Reihe sieht ja verdammt gut aus! Auf deinem Balkon würde ich auch mal gerne frühstücken. hach...
    Liebste Grüße, Coco


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