Sunday, May 27, 2012


Helloooo! :) Happy Sundayyyy! Here's a whole bunch of new photos I recently took with my phone, so many pretty things to show you! :)
1. Fresh bedding and a new, handmade bunting. // 2. Cress in pretty teacups. // 3. Our beautiful kitchen. // 4. + 5. One of my favourite outfits. // 6. COUCH, currently one of my favourite magazines.
1. Wohooo, shopping craze at IKEA, I went there with my new colleague and new friend, Kathleen. :) // 2. Dinner with Flo. <3 // 3. Sewing a birthday present for Malin. <3 // 4. Ingredients for a smoothie. // 5. "Hello, my name is Mogli, what can I do for you?" :D // 6. I painted a wooden board to use it as a background for product photos.
1. A tiny peek into my idea book: full of own sketches and inspirational things I found somewhere else and wanna try out myself. // 2. Homemade raspberry-lime lemonade and yoghurt. // 3. My handmade wonderwoman costume I made last year for my birthday party and wore it again for a costume party last weekend. :) // 4. Spontaneously preparing a Tetris wall for my friend's party. // 5. + 6. Last weekend I've been to Freiburg, one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen (more photos coming soon... :))!
1. - 3. Freiburg with Malin, one of my very best friends! <3 We spent the first half of her birthday exploring the beautiful city and taking tons of photos. Such a perfect day! // 4. Dinner with Flo on our balcony. // 5. Precious memory: this is the beautiful house (built in the 18th century) in which I grew up and where I spent the first 19 years of my life! The photo was taken some years before I was born, later, there was lots of green all around the house. // 6. Thrift finds from Oxfam: tiny wooden something which I will paint white and use for nail polish storage and a beautiful floral vintage table cloth.
1. Mango sorbet. <3 // 2. Wearing my handmade elastic skirt. // 3. I LOVE the wedges! <3 // 4. Brunch with Flo. <3 // 5. My love! // 6. Watching Germany's Next Topmodel and eating mediterrannean food with Anja. :)
1. Our balcony, each day it fills my heart with joy. // 2. Trying out a different hairstyle. // 3. Raspberry nail polish and vintage ring from my mama. <3 // 4. "Why are you staring at me? What is wrong with you???" :D // 5. Love! // 6. Kathleen brought me lots of new buttons. <3

Wowza, so many photos to share, I hope you like what you see and I wish you a beautiful, sunny Sunday! :)


  1. Wow I love your kitchen set up, looks so fun! Also I have the same ring, only mines not from my mom but I did get it from europe!

  2. Oh love your instagrams - you are such an inspiration. By the way keen on a little summer craft exchange?

  3. Wunderschöne Fotos. Und Freiburg ist
    wirklich zum verlieben. Meine Schwester
    hat dort studiert und jeder Besuch bei
    ihr war ein Ereignis :)

    Lieben Gruß


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