Sunday, May 06, 2012

May 1.

Happy Sunday!! :) I wish the weather today was as awesome as last week. :) On Tuesday we had a public holiday in Germany and Flo and I took our bikes and rode to a lake in Potsdam to have a picnic. We had an awesome afternoon, ate snacks that I prepared and sat in the sun. <3 We always have lots of visitors on weekends and meet friends, so this really long weekend was extra special, because it was only the two of us with lots of quality time. <3
We took with us my picnic basket which I bought two years ago and added paper boards covered with fabric to hold cutlery. :) 
I used to jars (which Hanna gifted me in winter <3) for taking fresh fruit salad with us, so healthy and so tasty. :)
      We just had the best afternoon in the sun! :) I love Potsdam so much, because here's so much water and lots of green parks, it's like going on holiday. :)
I hope you are having a nice weekend, I'm gonna spend the afternoon with crafting with my new colleague. :)


  1. Der Obstsalat sieht ja lecker aus!
    Hier war Dienstag auch schönes Wetter. Allerdings sind wir gar nicht raus gegangen. Ich war nur kurz joggen und hab auf der Terrasse gelesen. Dass an dem Tag gutes Wetter war, war leider nur eine Ausnahme. Und es war auch nicht so warm, wie anscheinend bei euch.

  2. Das sieht perfekt aus! Schöne Fotos von Dir! :-)
    LG Steffi

  3. Sehr schöne Bilder :) Ich liebe Picknick.


  4. Sieht wirklich wunderschön aus!
    Dein Blog ist so toll, ich freu mich dich gefunden zu haben :)


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