Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Malin!

Today's a special day, it's my beloved friend Malin's 25th birthday! <3 I wish you all the best that one can wish and that your day is special! :))
Malin and I got to know each other about 6 years ago and immediately became friends. How we got to know each other is similar to all those blogger friendships which develop nowadays, because we (like my friend Anja and I <3) got to know each other through the music forum of our favourite band, the Donots. :) We wrote lots of messages and in the summer of 2006, 6 years ago, we met for a shopping day and since then, we were friends and always saw each other for birthdays, longs weekends or New Year's Eve. :) Although we have always been having a long distance friendship, Malin's one of my very best friends. <3
Happy birthday, sweetheart, sooo good to have you as a friend and I hope your day is wonderful! <3

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  1. Schöne, bunte Fotos - wie immer.
    Auch wenn ich Malin nicht kenne, von mir alles Gute. :)


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