Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lots of new phone photos.

Happy weekend! :) Yay, it's so good, because due to a public holiday on Tuesday, this time I've got a weekend which consists of four days! :) I still have lots of reading to do for university, but nevertheless, I'm gonna enjoy a sunny weekend with lots of nice plans. :)
To start my Saturday morning (haha, procrastination before I start learning), I wanna share a few Instagram photos. :) As I already mentioned, two weeks ago I've been to Darmstadt to meet Hanna, my beloved friend since 9th grade. :) I also spent one afternoon in Frankfurt to see my lovely blogger pal Vivi of Matz ab and then I spent one night in Kassel to enjoy some time with my mother and I also met my best friend. :) I also took some lomography photos, I'm gonna scan them, soon... :)
As always, I took too much stuff with me, but I love my red vintage travel bag. :)
There's Frankfurt's skyline which I saw from the ICE train.
Hanna wanted to give me those shoes she found on her grandma's loft, what a pity they weren't my size!
Lots of pretty picture frames in Hanna's room.
What a pretty chandelier, I saw it at a thrift store.
When we went shopping on Saturday, I found this awesome Will Smith shirt. :)
 Hanna's style is truely unique. <3
I wore yellow tights and one of my favourite dresses. :)
While we were shopping, I found this amazing lace dress.
Hanna and I. <3
Before I went on this little journey, I sewed a new cover for my laptop so that I could take it with me and watch Gilmore Girls on the train. :)
On Sunday I spent a few hour with Vivi in Frankfurt, she was as likeable and cute as I imagined her to be. :) We have been chatting and taking a few photos all afternoon, hopefully we're gonna meet each other again, soon! <3
On that weekend I also uploaded my handmade oven clothes on DaWanda to take part in DaWanda's and byGraziela's Mother's Day competition (If you want to and haven't done so, yet, you can still give my item your heart, I'd really appreciate this! :).
I spent lots of time on the train and I used this time for studying and reading boring scientific texts about German linguistics.
Yay, back at home! Do you see my awesome (handmade) kitchen textiles? :) I used one of my favourite apple fabrics from Frau Tulpe and there's also the pretty, blue apron I got from Sindy of Ms Fisher goes Handmade. :)

I hope you're having a lovely weekend, I'll now have to read a bit and I'll be back with another post on Sunday at the latest. :)

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