Tuesday, April 03, 2012

DIY: Easy Circle Cutter Bunting

Helloooo everyone! :) Thank you for all your lovely feedback in the last posts! :)
For those of you who haven't read it, yet, Tchibo sent me a package with craft tools and art supplies to test them and to report about my experiences. :) Here's what used the circle cutter for, it's the second item I tried out.
This cutter is very easy to handle and I always wanted to have such a thing, so it was my favourite item when I opened the package. :) You simply have to put it onto the paper (there's a grip to hold it and to press it down) and then you can adjust the circle's size and turn the cutter around its own central axis. The blade is super sharp and a second one is included in the prize. I love cutting out circles, I could have done this all day. :D
As you can see, I simply used the cutter to create home decor. I produced lots of circles in two different sizes, then I used my sewing machine to sew a paper festoon. I made two of them, one for the kitchen (it perfectly matches my decor) and one for the balcony to add a bit more color. There it matches my felt pinwheels. :)
I love projects that are as simple as this one and add color to your everyday life! How about you? :)
I'm still thinking of other projects I can use this cutter for, maybe I'm gonna make circular leaflets to promote my little business or I'm gonna cut out circles out of pretty magazines to use them to embellish greeting cards... We'll see... :)
Wish you a lovely evening!


  1. finde ich toll und dein balkon <3

    1. Auf dem Du vielleicht in garnicht so weiter Zukunft sitzen wirst... <3 Awww, ich flipp aus wenn das klappt! <3

  2. Könntest du noch andere Materialien testen? Pappe, Stoff und vielleicht Filz?
    Uneigennützige Grüße,
    Mona :-)

  3. How nifty! I've hunted for a super easy way to cut out circles for a long time, and this seems perfect! Plus I just love the little buntings you made with all of the circles you cut out. :]
    xo, Allie

  4. Haha, ich habe auch gerade gedacht, hmmm, auf diesem süssen Balkon sitze ich vielleicht bald. Yaaayyy!!!!!!
    Der Cutter ist super, den könnte ich für die Dekoration unserer neuen Wohnung auch äusserst gut gebrauchen!

    1. Jaaaaaa, das wäre so toll wenn das klappt! :) Müssen eigentlich nur noch wissen, ob die Zeiten bei Dir auch hinhauen! :)
      Wenn Du her kommst darfst Du ihn gerne benutzen, hihi. :D

  5. Oh mein Gott, diesen Link hättest du nicht posten dürfen. Da kann man ja grad alles gebrauchen!! (Die Loch- und Nietenzange hab ich schon.) ;D
    Aber dieses Teil brauche ich auf jeden Fall auch noch.


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