Saturday, March 31, 2012


(I've got the feeling that this is gonna be a reeeeeally long post... :))

Hello readers, fellow bloggers and online pals, happy weekend! :) Wowza, sooo many photos and I'm so excited about this post! :)
So here's what it's about: two years ago, Claire of Hearthandmade UK who I got to know through Indie Biz asked me if I was interested in doing a swap. This was when I first came across this word and I totally liked this idea. We then decided for a theme swap and exchanged handmade things and craft supplies.
This year, I decided to do this again and I asked a few friends and some of my favourite fellow bloggers to join this project. :) Seven people agreed to swap with me and we decided on the amount of items we wanted to swap. Because it's the end of winter and I love spring so much (who doesn't? :)), I decided for a spring-themed swap. The only conditions were that the items either had to be handmade or they had to be supplies for crafting, sewing, cooking, etc.
So after my swap partners promised to swap pretty things with me, I spent lots of time preparing pretty, colorful swap packages. They included fabric scraps, buttons, jewellery, handmade rubber stamps, tiny accessories and some 'bigger' handmade items like pouches, an apron, a pillow case, a pinboard and a bunting. :) It was soooo much fun collecting and preparing all these things, I loved it! :) What's so awesome about swaps it not only that you can give away handmade items and materials you rarely use and which are still sooo pretty, but you can also stock up on supplies, because you receive so many new things. I also love that a swap supports sustainability and that you do not only swap the items themself, but you also share the love and the effort that have gone into creating those packages. It was so much fun to think about the style of the respective swap partners to put together the perfect swap package. :)
Each time I received one of those seven packages I was so excited and each time I opened one of them I could see how my partners had put together the swap items with much loving care and creativity. <3

To show you all those pretty items, I took tons of photos and created little collages to show you what I sent away and what I received. :) On the left sides you can always see my own swap packages and on the right side you can see the awesome things I received from my friends and online pals. <3

This swap package was from my lovely pal Sammy of The Cookie Button. :) We got to know each other through Indie Biz and since then, we have always been supporting each other's blogs and creative businesses. :) Sammy has sent me a super cute picture, bunny rubbers and the cutest stickers ever. Thank you so much again! ;)
You should have a look at Sammy's blog, she writes in a super appealing way and there you can also see the photo she shared of my swap package. :)

The second swap package came from Steffi of herzekleid who I got to know a few months ago. :) I really like her blog, the pretty things she sews and her delicious recipes (and she just opened her own online shop - have a look at her pretty pieces of sewing! :)). She sent me sooo many pretty things like fabric sraps, a super cute handmade bird, fabric strawberries, handmade paper notebooks, chocolate and ribbons. :) Thank you so much, your swap package is awesome!

Package number three came from my lovely friend Malin who works as a tailor in a theater and who also sings, writes songs and plays the guitar as Mary Jane Insane. We have been friends for about six years now and it's not the first time we sent each other something handmade... :) She's also the talented lady who sewed me the super pretty floral dress I recently shared in an outfit post. :) From her I got three super pretty buttons, a beautiful picture, handmade earrings and an amazing case to store brushes which she made from my favourite kind of fabric. Thank you again! <3

Yay, swap package number four! :) This one is from Vivi of matz ab who I recnelty got to know through blogging and we instantly liked each other. :) Her blog is relatively new, but full of inspiring DIY projects, bright photos and lovely ideas, so drop in and say hello! :) Vivi made me an amazing moss spring wreath, the prettiest wreath I've ever seen! I love all the details in the items she sent me, I also got chocolate with rose flowers and really beautiful handmade easter eggs which have stuck pretty paper napkins all over them (you can find the tutorial on her blog). Thank you so much for these pretty things! :)

Here's the next package I want to share, it's from my friend Jenny of wolkengleich. <3 We got to know each other nearly four years ago when she met her boyfriend, because he and my boyfriend are best friends. :) We both share the passion for crafting and sewing and became friends, too, and are soon going to spend a girl's weekend together. :) Jenny sent me cute bunny egg warmers, a pretty flower brooch, some fabric and a super cute handmade bird key fob. :) Thanks again for these lovely things! <3

This is the next swap package, on the right side you can see all those beautiful swap items I received from Stef of magnoliaelectric. In case you do not know her awesome blog, yet, make sure to visit it, because the always makes really beautiful and aestheric photos and shares delicious recipes. :) Moreover, the has already blogged about this swap project. :) Stef sent me lots of pretty stationery and eye candy, I got baking cases, organic tea, stickers, fabric scraps, a tissue box and a cute hair bow. :) One day were're hopefully gonna meet each other in person! :) Thanks again for those pretty things, Stef! :)

Yay, the last swap package! :) Sooo many photos, but I couldn't resist sharing all of them. :) These pretty things on the right came from Switzerland from my sweet blogger pal Stefanie of Squeaky Swing. She has a pretty blog which you should definitely have a look at (and here she posted about this swap, too), she is really likeable and always shares pretty DIY projects and outfit posts on her blog. :) Stefanie sent me a ribbon, little felt butterflies, doilies, polaroid photos and a picture frame. Thank you again, I'm glad you participated! :)

Awwww, here I finally wanted to put together all the awesome things my swap partners sent me! :) It was soooo much fun and thank you again for participating, it was a pleasure and I have always been squeaking of joy when I opened your pretty packages! <3

I hope you all liked what you saw and maybe you are inspired to organize such a swap, too. As you can see, it's soooo much fun! :)
Enjoy your weekend!
Lu <3

(By the way, this was one of my most time consuming blog posts ever! :D It took me about 4 hours to edit and arrange all the photos and to write this post, plus the time for taking the photos to share them in this post... :))


  1. Wow! ;-) Aber der Swap war echt super, hat mir auch viel Spaß gemacht!
    Schöne Sachen hast du bekommen und verschickt!
    LG Steffi

  2. WOW! so viele wunderwunderschöne dinge... ich liebe besonders, was du an steffi, malin und stefanie von squeaky swing geschickt hast! die sachen sind so wunderschön! am allerliebsten mag ich die schürze (und die bluse, die du dazu trägst -> grün + lochmusterstickerei = großartig!). ich finde es auch so toll, wie die muster und farben der sachen immer zusammenpassen, aber doch jeder eine eigene farbpalette von dir bekommen hat. einfach schön! (:

    wenn du mal irgendwann wieder lust auf einen tausch haben solltest, melde dich einfach - ich würde wirklich gerne mal mit dir swappen. habe dich übrigens heute zu meiner blogroll hinzugefügt, da dein blog sich zu einem meiner absoluten favoriten gemausert hat! (:

  3. Ich will auch ein WOW dalassen, es sind wirklich nur super tolle Sachen auf den Bildern! Eine tolle Idee!

  4. Boah! :) so viele bunte Buntigkeiten!

  5. Einfach nur klasse! So viele schöne Sachen haben sich da auf den Weg gemacht!!
    Eine Super Idee und du hast dir so viele Gedanken über die Sachen gemacht, die du verschenkt hast - das sieht man richtig! :)
    Einen schönen Sonntag wünsch ich dir!
    Lg, Miriam

  6. Ohhh. Da sind total tolle Sachen dabei! Die hätte ic auch gern alle!! :) Hab den Eintrag schon bei Stef gelesen. :) Schöne Idee mit dem Geschenke Austauschen!

  7. ahh lu, es sind echt tolle dinge dabei, wow. und alles so farbenfroh!! und der text. so lieb, ich will dich auch baldigst so kennen lernen!

    und die karottenkuchenbilder wurden schon vor einem jahr gemacht :p - also nichts foodlektüre, hihihihi.

  8. 6 ist sicher von magnolia, hab es schon gelesen (:

  9. Ein herzliches Dankeschön für Deine lieben Worte und Deine Mühen bei dieser tollen Aktion! Ich freue mich sehr Dich "kennengelernt" zu haben. Hoffentlich vielleicht bald mal mit Malin zusammen im schönen Rhein-Main-Gebiet? ;-) Das wäre doch mal was! Liebste Grüße, Vivi

  10. oh man ist das schön hier, so viel farbe! und diese schürze! wunderbar!
    fast wär ich auch in potsdam zum studieren gelandet :) so eine hübsche, kleine stadt!
    viele liebe grüße!!

  11. Hey ihr Lieben, danke für all das super nette Feedback, freue mich rieeesig über die ganzen WOWs und Oooohs! :D Toll, wenn euch das alles gefällt und die Aktion hat sooo viel Spaß gemacht! ;)

    @ann.meer: Heyy, schön, dass Du vorbei schaust, Stef hatte mir ja Deinen Blog gezeigt. :) Potsdam ist echt wunderschön und die Uni auch. :) Freut mich, dass Dir die bunten Sachen gefallen. :)

    Liebe Grüße Lu

  12. schööööön. so viele tolle sachen auf einem haufen.
    da hätt ich auch mitgemacht! ;)
    xo julia


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