Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspiring videos on a Saturday at home.

(I found this awesome print on etsy, it's so colorful and pretty and I thought that it perfectly underlines the message of these videos! :))

Dear readers, happy weekend! I'm starting to feel a bit better and while I was surfing on the Internet, I found some old and new videos that I thought are worth sharing here. :)

Has anyone of you, particularly those from the US, seen the complete movie? So far I've only seen this amazing trailer and I'm so sad the movie isn't available here. Maybe I should read the book one day. <3

Here's an interesting interview with the author of 'Handmade Nation'.

I discovered this video this morning and I totally love it! It's so amazing when people reclaim urban areas and create new spaces for a natural environment. This rooftop garden is amazing and I love how she explains how she loves what she does! Moreover, the light and the atmosphere in this video are amazing!

Do you already know Katie's colorful blog? This video is sooo extremely inspiring and I love her concepts and her creative philosophy, you should definitely watch this! :) This video made me smile a lot! :)

I hope you like those videos as much as I do! :)
Happy Saturday!


  1. Nice :) I really like that :)

  2. Lovely, creative videos and things I hadn't come across before, thanks for sharing!

  3. I haven't seen the movie yet, but the book is one of my favorites. It's an easy read, but I love flipping it open and seeing all the handmaker's from various regions making what they love. <3

  4. Der Print ist einfach traumhaft!


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