Monday, March 19, 2012

And the winner is....

Katinka!! :) She's the lucky one who won the two Mr. Moustache mugs! :)
Thank you so much to all the others who participated and left lovely comments, you're awesome!
There were 29 people who took park in my giveaway, I'm in awe! :)
Dear Katinka, I just wrote you an e-mail, I need your adress so that I can send you the mugs. :)


  1. Weiiiiiiiiiin! :(

    Hihi, nein, Scherz, ich gratuliere Katinka und ein fröhliches Schlürfen, aus Lus reizenden Becherchen!


  2. Oh wie cool ist das denn? Ich freu mich grad voll, so ein guter Start in den Tag! Danke Lu, ich schreib dir gleich ein Mail :-)


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