Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My first patchwork project - a sewing tutorial.

Hello eveyone, thank you for the lovely birthday wishes!! :) I'll share some photos soon. :)
Here's a tutorial for a patchwork book cover. I have a new sketchbook where I sort and keep inspiration and make sketches for future DIY projects. Since black is not my favourite color, I wanted the book to look friendly and colorful and here's how I sewed the cover. :) You only need a book, some fabric scraps which are big enough to cover the book, a larger piece of fabric which is a bit bigger than the book itself, a sewing machine and sewing supplies.

1. Take some paper and make a draft of the cover. Therefore, put the book onto the paper, draw its outline onto the paper and leave some margins and make it wider so that you can fold it around the book.
2. Cut out fabric scraps.
3. Sew the scraps next to each other.
4. It should now look like this, you should now have a huge piece of fabric which is slightly bigger and wider than your book.

5. This is how the left side looks.
6. Now you have to iron the back so that the seams are neat.
7. The back now looks like this.
8. That's the front.

9. Now cut out the other piece of fabric for the 'inside' (you won't see it later, but using a secong layer of fabric or some lining makes the cover look prettier) which is as big as your patchwork piece. Put the two layers onto each other, right sides facing.
10. Put the book onto the layers in order to find out where to sew and how wide the seam allowances have to be.
11. Draw the line where you want to sew, leave a small seam allowance and make sure to make it wider at the sides of the book so that you can fold it around.
12. Now sew the two layers onto each other and leave an opening at one side so that you can later turn the fabric inside out.

13. Here's the opening, just big enough to turn the fabric inside out.
14. Cut off the corners (but be careful not to cut into the seam).
15. Turn the fabric inside out.
16. Now iron the edges.

17. This is how it should be looking.
18. Close the opening with pins.
19. Top stitch around the whole book cover and close the opening.
20. Finally, fold around the sides, fitting them to the book and adjusting them to the book's size.

21. That's it! :) You can now put the book inside the cover.
22.-24. Hasn't the cover become pretty? :)

25.-28. I love my new book cover! :) Are you gonna try to make one yourself? :)


  1. Sehr schick! Auch Notizbücher brauchen ein passendes Gewand.

    Ich hätte eine Frage, könntest du mir bitte die URL deines Buttons zusenden? Möchte auf meinem Blog auch sowas integrieren, aber das Link-Kästchen darunter sieht bei mir so riesig aus, deines hingegen, wäre perfekt!

  2. Eine sehr schöne Anleitung - und eine tolle Buchhülle!!

  3. Gefällt mir sehr gut! Viel schöner als das schwarze Buch... :-)

  4. Oh, so einen Buchschutz brauche ich auch eigentlich ganz unbedingt und Deiner hier ist auch noch so schön! Aber ohne Nähmaschine kein DIY. :-( Liebste Grüße, Vivienne

  5. Liebe Liselotte, wie meinst Du das, was soll ich Dir schicken? :) Meinst Du den Code für mein Widget? Denn der ist ja links in der Sidebar. Oder was meintest Du? :)

    Danke, ihr Lieben!

    Schade, dass Du keine Nähmaschine hast, Vivi, dann muss mal eine her! :)


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