Friday, February 10, 2012

The birthday lady.

Hi everyone! :) Thank you again for all those lovely birthday wishes!! :) Although I haven't been throwing a big party this year (I normally throw a costume party and invite all of my friends, but they have just been here 4 weeks ago on New Year's Eve and unfortunately, they weren't able to visit us again, because my friends live in several different cities all over Germany, far away from Potsdam), I had such a beautiful day!
My mother has been staying with us for a few days and the night before my big day, she, Flo and I prepared some food and I made some birthday decor. :) I found the idea for the colorful accordion paper flowers on Pinterest and on the same site was an easy DIY for those cute party hats I immediately made. :)
We made my favourite chocolate cake (I'll share the recipe soon...) and I bought doughnuts and creampuffs. :)
Two of my girlfriends came over for afternoon coffee, I got some great presents and we ate a lot. :)
 How do you like my decor? :)
 I love tea parties, they are the perfect opportunity for using my pretty vintage dishes. :)
 I wore my new asos dress, the color is awesome! <3
My friends who weren't here all sent me little packages (they know how I love unwrapping presents :)), the day was great and I felt special! <3
One of my best girlfriends sewed me a dress (it's sooo beautiful, I'm going to show it in an outfit post as soon as it is warm enough to wear it :)), another one made me a beachbag with a towel inside, using my favourite fabric, my mother gave me two wooden vintage chairs for our balcony, I got lots of organic seeds for the balcony, the cutest bird house, a DVD of one of my favourite bands, books, accessories, gift cards for different fabric stores (can't wait to pick out pretty fabric :)), a wooden vintage coat hook with a deer (my best friend sent it to me, I had it on my wishlist <3), kitchen crockery, handmade slippers, a DIY magazine and organic baked apple honey. <3
When I came to work two days later, my colleagues were waiting with a little surprise, how lovely!! :)
I think the best thing about this birthday was spending it with the two people I love most, my mum and my boyfriend. :) They anticipated all my wishes and made my day special. <3
Now I'm 25, a quarter of a century. Let's see what the next year will bring and if I'll be able to achieve my goals.
Thank you for reading and for always leaving comments! :)


  1. Happy Birthday!! :) Your little party looks great & you got some awesome presents! :) Welcome to the 25 yr old club!


  2. Looks like you had so much fun. I love the color of your dress and your owl necklace. Happy Birthday once more! :-)

  3. Das schaut so aus, als ob du einen schönen Tag gehabt hättest :-)

    Sag mal, arbeitest du bei Trollinge? Bei Dawanda gabs doch letztens zwei DIY-Videos von Trollinge, die fand ich super :)

    LG, Denise

  4. Ich glaube, für den nächsten Geburtstag muss ich auch ein bisschen Party-Dekoration machen. Schaut sehr gut aus, nach einem sehr schönen Tag!

  5. Hallo Lu! Auch von mir alles alles liebe nachträglich zu deinem Geburtstag. Das Kleid ist der HAMMER!

    Ich freue mich, dass du so einen tollen Tag hattest!!!

    Lieben Gruß aus Köln :)

  6. Oh wow, it looks like you had bundles of fun! Everything looks so dainty and sweet! Right up my street :) x

  7. Hey there! Saw your comment on my blog and replied to it, just wanted to let you know :)

  8. Thank you! ;)

    Ja, liebe Denise, genau da. :) Die nette Dame in dem Video ist meine Kollegin. :)

    Danke auch für die nachträglichen Glückwünsche! :)

    Liebe Nora, vielleicht gibt es das Kleid ja noch bei ASOS... :)


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