Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All those pretty pouches...

Hey everyone! :) What have you been up to lately? :) I finished a lot of sewing projects (but I didn't manage to take photos of all of them, because either the light hasn't been good enough or I didn't have any time) and this is a pouch I made for my beloved friend Anja as a birthday present. :)
How do you like the pattern and the floral print? I love the fabric and I immediately had to think of her when I saw the fabric and its color combination. Can't get enough of sewing, there are so many pretty things to do. :)
By the way, check out Vivi's blog (although it's in German, there are lots of pretty photos), she has recently been featuring me and some of my items. :)
Wish you a lovely day!
Lu :)


  1. Der Stoff ist ja total süß, ich bin sicher deine Freundin hat sich sehr darüber gefreut! Ich finde sowieso, es macht so viel Spass was selbst gemachtes zu verschenken!

  2. Der Stoff gefällt mir sehr gut! Ich könnte zur Zeit auch nur nähen, aber Beruf und Weiterbildung nebenbei lassen nehmen leider soviel Zeit weg... ;-)
    Lg, Miriam

  3. Herzallerliebst :) Der Frühling kann kommen!

  4. Hach wie hübsch! Ich mag Karo-Stoff (und Punkte xD) so gerne.

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Such pretty fabric :) It's great!

  6. die Form ist ja superhübsch!!

    schöne grüße


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