Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New gamer items.

Wohoo, thinking of the awesome super gamepad pillow I made last summer, I've just handprinted and sewn those two new items for my shop. A pencil case for men (and for ladies, too ;)) who don't want to forget their beloved childhood gaming memories and a tote bag with another toy which most us know from the days when we were younger... :)


  1. sieht toll aus! schwarz und weiß reichen manchmal für alles aus! ich hatte mal GAMEBOY broschen aus filz gemacht.. als ich fertig war hat mich jemand gefragt, warum ich denn einen Friedhof genäht habe.. sah scheinbar richtig gut aus :)

  2. Wonderful. Very creative and playful.

  3. These are both so cute :) I hope to see more like these very soon x


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