Sunday, January 22, 2012

In love with vintage dishes.

Hey online pals, did you have a nice weekend? ;) Today I went to the flea market in Berlin and found a pretty, floral plate. Here you can see some extremely beautiful dishes I bought last week when I discovered a new second hand store. Although I rarely need four different teapots, I couldn't resist buying them, because they are soooo pretty. Which one is your favourite? :) I cannot decide which one I love most. I already made a salad using my new, floral bowl and I can't wait for using the plates for decorating food. :)
Collecting vintage dishes has become one of my latest passions, it started when I tried to find some plates on the flea market last winter when I was searching for pretty vintage decor for my birthday party's dessert table. My aim is to sort out average dishes which do not fit my kitchen's style and I love the color contrast of white dishes with floral elements and my tuquoise kitchen table. :)
Do you have any collections? Well, I also collect fabric, but that's another story... :)
Wish you a lovely evening, I'm going to watch some more episodes of The Big Bang Theory. <3


  1. I love collecting vintage dishes, as well! I can always find a new and interesting pattern that I had never seen before.

    And to answer your question, I think the first teapot is my favorite, because I love its shape! They're all so pretty, though!
    Lovely finds, dear!
    xo, Allie


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