Friday, January 20, 2012

Guest post on Ms. Fisher Goes Handmade.

Dear readers, lovely Sindy of Ms. Fisher goes Handmade has invited me to share a guest post for her birthday week on her blog. :) There you can see my camera case tutorial (for those who don't understand German, you can find the English version on my own blog) and lots of other lovely DIY ideas by other creative bloggers. Most posts are self-explanatory or you only need the photos to understand the tutorial, so it's no problem if you only speak English. :)
So visit Sindy's blog and make sure to say hello! :)
Thanks again for inviting me! :)


  1. lern dochmal deine bilder zu verlinken ;)

  2. Ich kann das ja, aber die Links unten drunter reichen doch! :)


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