Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All those pretty things I'd like to have...

Hello! :) Time for some web love, some things I'd loooove to have (I already posted a list before Christmas, but this list mainly consisted of cameras... :))! :)
Cause it's gonna be my birthday pretty soon, here are few things I really like! :) I have a wishlist on Pinterest and here are a few of those items I adore. <3

1. This perfume is awesome, I really, really love its fragrance, but's pretty expensive.
2. Masking tape is great, I'd love to have these colors for my notebook.
3. White headphones, I love white.
4. This ring is so beautiful, I found it on DaWanda.
5. Although I already have an alarm clock, this is the prettiest I've ever seen.
6. Anja bought me the most beautiful etagere for Christmas and this one would perfectly fit into my collection of pretty kitchenware.
7. Awesome coat hanger, right? :) I'd only paint it in a different color.
8. Wow, these tins are so pretty, the colors and the floral patterns...
9. The color of these headphones is awesome and I think I even love them more than the white one.
10. I found this cute bag on asos and I'd looove to own it. :)

Can't wait for my birthday! :) Apart from Christmas, this is the best day of the year. :) Can't wait to see what I will get and if it's nothing from this list, maybe I will buy one thing or another myself... :)


  1. That alarm clock is PERFECT! I need it!

  2. Der Hirsch-Garderobenhaken ist toll, den habe ich erstmal repinned. Würde perfekt in unser Schlafzimmer passen ;-)
    Liebe Grüße, mona

  3. Ich nehm dann die Dosen! Ich liiieeebe schöne Dosen und Schachteln. Und brauch noch viel mehr! :-)
    LG Steffi

  4. Ha, die Kopfhörer hab ich in hellgrau - sie begleiten mich jeden Tag auf unserem Spaziergang und ich LIEBE sie!

  5. Bei genau diesen Sachen könnte ich auch schwach werden. Die Etagère ist ganz wunderbar und die Boxen und der Ring und...

  6. All these gifts look fab! You best let us know when your birthday is lady :)

  7. oh, du hast aber auch einen schönen Blog! Ja, und Potsdam ist echt eine Traumstadt!!! Wie witzig, vielleicht sind wir uns ja schon über den Weg gelaufen ;)
    LG aus der Nähe,


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