Friday, December 09, 2011

Vintage Dress Altering

Yessss, I love DaWanda sooo much! I just bought this vintage dress for less than 4€ and I love the pattern and the colors! As you can see, it was way too long, so I shortened it and I think it fits quite well. :) What I love most about clothes with a colorful pattern is that you can combine them with tights and leggings in every color which you can find in the dress. <3
By the way, hello to all my new readers!! :) Hope you enjoy my blog party, there are some other nice projects to come. :) Some of you may have found my blog via Stef's beautiful blog magnoliaelectric, because today she has posted her delicious punch recipe in German and has written a short text about my blog, sooo lovely! <3
If you're new here, read something about me to get to know what my blog is about. :)
Wish you a lovely weekend! :)


  1. aber was gegen MEIN tolles blümchenkleid sagen :D

    das is ja ma echt hart bunt ;D

  2. OMG! Ich liebe es! Echt toll und WIESOOOO hast du da wieder nur so wenig bezahlt?? ;)

  3. Danke! :) Hab bei der Rabatt-Aktion, als es in vielen Shop noch 12% Rabatt gab, alles durchforstet und die halbe Nacht gesessen und war total im Shopping- und Schnäppchen-Fieber. :) Man muss nur wissen, wo und wie man suchen muss. :) Juhu, Vintage Kleid Nummer 4 und da treff ich sicher niemand in der Bahn, der das selbe Kleid an hat. :D

  4. oaaah ich neide so sehr, es ist toll, wünschte ich würd auch mehr so kleider finden :(


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