Saturday, December 03, 2011

Recipe: Vegan Baked Apple

Hi, I am Trisha from MarySew and I am delighted to share my favorite recipe for baked apples with you. It is super easy, takes about 5 minutes to prepare and it’s totally animal friendly! :D

You’ll need (for 2 servings):
·         2 Apples
·         50-75g Marzipan
·         3 tbsp Jam (I used homemade strawberry jam)
·         A hand full of raisins
·         Vanilla

Preheat your oven to 200°C. With a spoon carefully remove the apple core and seeds, make sure you leave the bottom in. 
Mix the marzipan with the jam, vanilla and raisin in a bowl. If you like you can also add cinnamon. It makes it more Christmas-y, I know, but I don’t like cinnamon at all.
Fill the apples with the mixture, put them in a small baking dish and bake for aprox. 25 minutes.
Serve hot! We added dairy free vanilla yogurt, it was a delight. You can also use soy vanilla sauce or just icing sugar.
Enjoy, have an epic nom ^^.


Dear Trisha, thanks so much for sharing, this sounds delicious! :)
Dear readers, make sure to check out her blog, she sews amazing clothing for herself and sometimes provides you with great tutorials! :)


  1. this is such a great idea with the vegan baked apple...
    I am looking all over for vegan recipes of any type because I want to eat more vegan food than I do right now... maybe I'll try it out but instead of the raisins (i am one of these persons who really dislike them) using maybe cranberries :)


I'm always happy about feedback and about getting to know your opinion! :) Thank you!