Monday, December 12, 2011

Recipes: Candied Almonds

Hi everyone, thanks Lu for letting me contribute to your Xmas blog party. 
I'm Heidi, I have the blog Imwithleia - I blog from Copenhagen with a focus on my love for handmade things. I'm sharing with you a recipe for Candied Almonds. It's a classic Scandinavian Xmas treat - nice and so simple. The perfect little gift.
You need:
200 g Almonds
175g Powder sugar
2 tablespoons grounded cinnamon
10 cl water

Wash and dry the almonds, 10 minutes in the oven on 175 C
Mix powder sugar and cinnamon
Add it with the almonds and the water to a hot pan. Remember to stir all the time. Continue to the sugar has melted and it smells a bit burned. Cool down on some baking paper. Break a part. Enjoy

Eeeeks, thanks for sharing, it sounds soo delicious! :) Lu

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