Thursday, December 01, 2011

DIY: Felt Star Garland

Hi everyone, I'm Steffi from herzekleid. I'm happy to share a little tutorial here on Lu's wonderful blog. So if you'd like to, you can make this colorful felt-star-garland with me.
You'll need: Felt in different colours, sewing thread, cotton batting, thick cotton thread, needle.

First you need to cut out a lot of felt stars. I used a cookie cutter to make a paper template and then cut out the stars.

Now make pairs of two stars of the same colour. Put a little bit of batting on one star.
Pin the two stars together and sew. You can sew by hand or with your sewing machine, which I did because it's much faster. :-) Still, as the pieces are not too big, this would also be a nice hand sewing project, I think.

When you've finished sewing together all your stars decide in which order you want to have them on your garland.

Start with the outermost star and pull your needle with the cotton thread through it as shown on the photo.
To prevent the star from gettingout of place, make one knot (or two knots) at each end of the star to secure it.
Continue with the next star and repeat it until your garland is finished!


Thank you so much for sharing this pretty project, Steffi! :)


  1. Oh, was für eine schöne Girlande!

  2. That one is sooo cute. (And not kitschy at all.)

  3. oh wie süß. ich liiiiebe deine tutorial xmas party jetzt schon <3 und freue mich auf mehr!

  4. Gefällt mir auch sehr :)!

  5. Sehr schön, habe ich sofort gepinnt :)

  6. Eine tolle Idee!! Wieder ein Projekt mehr auf meiner Liste!

    Liebe Grüße, Sindy

  7. what a lovely idea! It's so pretty and could also be a lovely decoration to have up at any time of year (and you could have different colours for different seasons...!)

  8. This is awesome! I may have to decorate my room just like this! x

  9. die ist hübsch! das muss ich auch machen..


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