Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Felt Christmas Garland

Hey Lu loves handmade readers, it's Stefanie from Squeaky Swing. I want to share with you my very easy Christmas garland.
I was inspired by a sweet photo on this blog and thought it would be a cute idea for decorating my home for Christmas. I'm not sure how the original was made, but I decided to make my own garland with felt letters. So here are the instructions:

- white felt (about 15x15cm  x 2 for each letter)
- cotton wool to fill the letters
- glittery stones (from the arts and crafts shop) and glue
- a big needle
- thread
- nylon thread 

1. Print out the letters in any font you like (I made them really big: two letters on one sheet), put them on the felt and cut out each letter twice, front and back. M, R and S only have to be printed once. 
2./3. Sew the front and back of each letter together, leaving a little space open to fill them. Then close the hole to finish one letter. Repeat this with every letter. 
4. Take the nylon thread to stitch the letters together.
5. Finally glue little glittery stones onto every second letter to give it the final touch. 

I hope you like it!
Merry Christmas, Stefanie

Dear Stefanie, thank you for sharing, this is so pretty! :)


  1. Great tutorial! I'd love to try it! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Was eine simple aber doch total schöne Idee!
    Welchen Stich hast du benutzt?
    Viele Grüße,

  3. Boaahhh!!! Schöööööön!!!

  4. I'm glad you like Stefanie's pretty tutorial! :)

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