Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Booth at the Trend Mafia Market 2011

Hello eveybody, happy 4th Advent! :) On the first weekend of December I sold my handmade things at the Trend Mafia in Berlin, a market for everything handmade. :)
I was having my own booth and I have been waiting to finally share some photos with you for so long! :)
I already went there last year after I had just started selling on DaWanda, but I wasn't really successful. This time, it was completely different! :) I was well prepared and my range of products has become pretty wide. I offer lots of items for daily use and my products have become better and better (such as my sewing skills have improved :)).
I'm so thankful for having the best friends in the world, because otherwise, this day would have been more stressful for me! Flo drove me to Berlin and helped me to carry all my items and my friends Hanna, Anja and Sarah came to visit me and to keep company with me. <3 Anja and her boyfriend brought me the cutest Dalmation balloon (which attracted lots of children :D) and Hanna has been staying with me nearly all day. <3
I was soooo nervous when I started decorating my booth and I wanted it to look perfect and to reflect my style, so I thought a lot about how to organize everything. I made all price tags by hand and I wanted my decor to be appealing. :) When the first customers came, I was full of adrenalin. :D
I got LOTS of compliments concerning my products, people got sparkling eyes when looking at my products and I was completely overwhelmed. :)
Each person who bought something got a little paper bag with handprinted Christmas ornaments, my business card and a little chocolate Santa. Lots of people took my business cards and I sold a total of 11 differend items for a total of 75€. I was so proud, because this time, I earned the money I had to spend for the booth's rent, for the gas for coming to Berlin and I even made some profit. What is more, the following days after the market, my statistics on DaWanda nearly exploded and I sold a lot more online. :)
It was such a great experience and I had soooo much fun seeing the people's reactions when looking at my booth and at my items. It's such a great feeling that people like what I do and admire what I have created myself with a lot of effort and love. <3 I'm really proud of myself and this Sunday has been one of the best days this year. :)
So here are lots of photos so that you can see how everything looked like! :)

Hanna and I have been taking photos all afternoon and she perfectly portrayed me and my booth. <3

I've already sold this cute owl pillow. I wrote all tags in German and English so that everybody was able to understand them.

This day was simply awesome! :) Here you can see Flo and me chatting. He's the best, he totally supports me and helps me to achieve my goals whenever I need him. <3

Although I've been selling lots of mugs on DaWanda, at the Trend Mafia they have only been admired, but not a single person bought any of them.

I had bought this pretty, white etagere to display my brooches. I love white plastic items (it's even made from recycled plastic :)) and I can also use it to decorate cupcakes. Moreover, I used some enamel bowls to display other items.

Flo and Hanna have been keeping company with me. :)

 I like this photo so much!

Do you see the Dalmatian? :) The 'lu loves handmade' banner is made of paperboard, I made it last minute two days before the market while Anja and I were watching O.C. California on DVD, because I didn't have any banner.

 I love those mugs! :) I know, I haven't invented this trend, but they are so much fun. :)

Here's again the wall behind my booth. I was happy that I could hang up my bags to display them so that everybody could see them. :)

Wow, lots of photos, but I hope that you were able to get a good impression of what this day has been like. :) I definitely wanna do this again next year, although it includes a lot of work and time for preparations. :)

Has any of you been selling at such a market? :)

Wish you a lovely Sunday and enjoy the last week before Christmas! As you can see, today's the first day in December I'm not sharing a Christmas post, but my Blog Party is nearly over. I wanna share one or two remaining posts the following week and then I'm gonna post a summary of all Christmassy DIY posts so that my new readers (Hello, welcome here!!! ;)) will get an overview. :)

Thank you for reading,
Lu <3


  1. oh, das sieht schön aus - und nach spaß! und schön, dass du so erfolgreich warst!!

  2. Man kann wirklich rauslesen, wie viel dir dieser Tag bedeutet :) Aber ich kann dich total verstehen, was gibt es besseres, als etwas zu verkaufen, was man selbst gemacht hat! :)

  3. das freut mich echt so sehr für dich, ich liebe deine bunte farbwahl, die aber nie zu aufgesetzt oder überladen wirkt, deine koje ist perfekt - vor allem der luftballon und der luloveshandmade-banner. wunderschön, hätte dir auch sicher was abgekauft :D (vor allem, weil du eine bezaubernde verkäuferin bist :D)

  4. richtig toll sieht das aus. schön arrangiert und sehr stimmig. du hast so so tolle sachen, ich hätte dir 100% was abgekauft :)

  5. Du kannst wirklich stolz auf dich sein! Sieht toll aus dein Stand und deine Sachen sowieso :-)
    LG Steffi

  6. Ich hätte an deinem Stand ganz viel gekauft! Wie hübsch alles aussieht.. so schön bunt! Ich mag es sehr..

  7. What a wonderful stall! I looks gorgeous - very inviting.

    I'm glad it was a success!

  8. Warum war ich nicht da?
    Deine Sachen sind Herzerquickend!!

  9. it looks great. so happy for you and your succesful market! xoxo

  10. Looks like you had so much fun and it's good that it was successful too.

    Your booth loos so cute and colorful! No wonder why you received so many compliments!

    I've also participated in several Craft Fairs these year and I loved the experience. Even though they weren't all a success, I've learned a lot, got in touch with fellow crafters and had fun! I had also the support of my boyfriend, who stood patiently beside me all the way. LOVE HIM for that (and for several other things!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and may you participate in even more successful Markets in the future! :-)

  11. I am so glad you had a lovely time and you sold lots of crafts :) You sure do deserve it lady for all the hard work you put in. Have a amazing Christmas dear ^_^ x

  12. Q ue trabalhos mais encantadores!!!
    Feliz 2012 pra você!

  13. YEAH was ein toller & fröhlicher Stand! schöne Sachen machst du :)


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