Friday, December 02, 2011

DIY: Christmas Stocking Sewing Tutorial

Eeeeks, hello! :) Here's the second part of my Christmas blog party, a sewing project by me. :) I'm so happy about all the lovely guest bloggers participating this month and I'm glad about all the awesome feedback Steffi got for her post yesterday, thanks for commenting! :)
So here's a tutorial for a Christmas stocking, in good time for St. Nicholas' Day next Tuesday.
You need: Some fabric, a short piece of bias tape, a sewing machine and sewing accessories.

1. First, make yourself a draft for a stocking and then use it for cutting out fabric. You need 4 pieces of fabric of the same size, two with a pattern for the outside stocking, two plain pieces for the inner stocking which will later be rolled up.
2. Pin the two pieces of the patterned fabric and the two pieces of the plain fabric onto each other, the 'good' sides which are later supposed to be on the outside have to face each other.
3.+4. Next, sew the pieces onto each other (1cm / 0,39" seam allowance), leaving out an opening at the top.

5. Then, cut out little pieces of fabric out of the seam allowances at the round parts of your stocking. This way, the stocking looks prettier and there's enough space for the fabric after you've turned the stocking's inside to the outside.
6. Put the two stockings - the patterned and the plain one - into each other, the 'good' sides facing each other.
7. Pin the two layers of fabric together at the top edge.
8. Sew the two stockings together at the top edge, leaving out a small opening to turn the two stockings inside out. I left this opening at the 'back' where there will later be the bias tape to hang up the stocking.

9.+10.+11. Here you can see the opening I left out.
12. Pulling them through the small opening, turn the two stockings which you've sewn together inside out.

13. That's how it should now look like! :)
14. There's the opening through which I've pulled the stockings.
15. Now put the plain stocking into the patterned stocking. This way, you have two layers and don't see the seams.
16. Iron the top edges, this will make it easier to close the opening.

17.+18. Close the opening with pins and then close it with your sewing machine. Use a thread matching the colors of your stocking! :)

19. Yay, it already looks like a stocking! You're almost done! :)
20. Now roll up the top of the stocking, turning the top part of the inner stocking to the outside. This way, your stocking looks more appealing and there's a color contrast. :)

21. Now, pin a piece of bias tape to the back's top edge.
22. Sew it onto the stocking.
23. This is how it should look like! <3
24. Yay, that's it, you're done! Here's the pretty stocking! :)

Feel free to share a link if you try this yourself, can't wait to see your colorful stockings! :)
In case you want me to provide this tutorial for a Christmassy guest post on your blog, just let me know and write me an email. :)
Wish you a lovely Christmas time, I'm looking forward to posting all the other pretty holiday projects during the next days.
Lu <3


  1. Sehr sehr schön - wenn meine Tochter nicht schon einen Nikolaus-Sack hätte, würd ich den noch schnell nähen!
    LG Steffi

  2. I adore your Christmas stockings, the fabric is the best! Well done missy :) x

  3. great tutorial, I love your stockings since you posted them :) go on with your ideas honey, they are great... I wish I had more free time to sew more for myself and friends :(

  4. Thank you! This is a great tutorial. I am excited to make a stocking for my baby's first Christmas :)


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