Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY: Poncho Sewing Tutorial

Hey! :) Lovely Stefanie of Squeaky Swing has invited me to prepare a guest post for her blog and of course I happily accepted this invitation. :) Since she writes her posts in German, I also prepared my guest post in German, but for those who only understand English, here’s another version for you on my own blog. So if you’re from Germany, go and check out her blog and say hello, she’s totally appealing and has lots of cute DIY ideas. :) Fortunately, lots of her projects can be understood without reading the text, so it might also be interesting for international readers! :)

With this tutorial, I wanna show you how to sew a simple poncho, all you need are a chunky, cosy, square piece of fabric (I chose fabric which consists of 70% wool and 30% polyester), 1m x 1m (3,28 feet x 3,28 feet / 1,09 yard x 1,09 yard), a sewing machine and sewing equipment like a measuring tape, pins and scissors. :)   

Let’s go! Therefore, put the piece of fabric onto the floor or onto a large table, cut out a square (Step 1) and use a zig zag stitch (Step 2&3)  to hem the edges to prevent unraveling of the fabric. Next, turn all 4 edges to the back of the fabric and pin those with pins (Step 4).

Now you have to stitch the edges onto the piece of fabric to make them look neat (Step 5). Then, put the fabric onto the floor and fold it to the shape of a triangle (Step 6). Next, cut a hole into the middle which is later going to be the neckline where you put your head through (Step 7). It is up to you whether you want to have a round or a square neckline. :) Don’t make the hole too big; better adjust it to your head’s size step by step. Then, the edges of the neckline have to be turned to the back of the fabric and have to be stitched onto it to fix it. Therefore, the edges have to be pinned onto the fabric (Step 8).

Now you can stitch up your neckline’s edges (Step 9). Afterwards, put the poncho as a triangle onto the floor or onto a table to fix the ‘sleeves’ so that the poncho stays in its place while wearing it. :) Therefore, you can put in on and pin those points where you want to attach the front and the back onto each other (Step 10 and also shown on the photo below on the left bottom corner). When I sewed my poncho, this was at a distance of about 30cm /11,8” from the edge which is later supposed to be on my shoulders, but this depends on your total size (Step 11). After you’ve symmetrically pinned those two parts of the poncho, you can fix them with a short seam (Step 12). Later, this is going to be the part of your poncho which is under the arms and prevents the poncho from slipping.

Have fun while you are sewing and feel free to ask me if there are any questions! :)
I’m glad Stefanie asked me to prepare something for a guests post, so don’t forget to visit her blog and to say hello! :)
Love, Lu


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