Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Although the best things about Christmas are spending time with the ones I love, walking through the snow (in case the is some :)) and decorating the Christmas tree, I also love getting and unwrapping Christmas presents (well, who doesn't? :)).
I know that some of the things I'm going to get this year have already been bought or made by 'Santa', but nevertheless, here's the first part of my wishlist. :) And since my birthday is in February (awwww, only two more months! :)), I can use my wishlist for both, Christmas and my birthday. :)
As you can see, this first wishlist mainly consists of cameras and white items, but I LOVE lomography cameras (I already own a Holga, an actionsampler and a fisheye camera) and I love white. :)
So here's the list of things I'm wishing for, either for Christmas, my birthday, or some other day in the future. <3
1. I once saw this camera on A Beautiful Mess and I immediately knew that I wanted to have such a camera myself, cause it makes cat sounds... :)
2. The only headphones I own are really, really old, my father used them when he was younger. They are from Sony and are of a really good quality, but after many years of usage, they aren't that pretty anymore. Those white headphones from WESC are the best! :)
3. How cool is this? I want a tape dispenser which looks like a cassette!
4. I found this awesome dress just this evening while browsing the Internet and I LOVE it! As most of you already know, I like pink a lot and I think this dress will perfectly match my hair color. :) What a great dress, I'm in love! :) I think I won't be able to wait and maybe I'll get it myself soon. <3
5. Such a beautiful and interesting camera! Not only because it's white, but also because it has a really wide angle and you can take fabulous photos with it.
6. A Diana camera has been on my wishlist for quite a while and I think I prefer this plain, white one to all the other, colored versions, either as Diana Mini, or as Diana F+ with a flash. Can't wait to own and to use this camera one day. <3

Less than 4 weeks until Christmas!!! I'm already counting the days! <3

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