Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Inspires Me

Hello! :) Wanna see some awesome sources of inspiration I found on Pinterest? :)
1. I really love this bright kitchen shelf, the colorful details are so pretty and I like the bunting.
2. I've recently seen lots of DIY tutorials like this for how to make a pretty Peter Pan collar and I definitely wanna make one myself.
3. Which pretty shoes! I must make cute clips for my shoes to make them look as pretty as the ones on the photo. :)
4. This is such a beautiful home decor idea, I'll try that as soon as the new apartment is finished, this will add lots of color to plain corners in each room. :)
5. Some months ago I fell in love with floral vintage plates, I started to collect some and I totally fell in love with those especially pretty ones on that photo. <3
6. Great idea for a photo display using a wooden picture frame.
7. Awwww, I'm usually not a big fan of candles (to me they are just dust catchers, I only use them during the Christmas season), but this is such a cute idea! Wanna make those one day as little gifts and this way, I have a good excuse for vintage teacup shopping at the flea market. :)
8. This is an awesome idea, isn't it? I have way too many scarves and other accessories and I love this way of using an old ladder to organize those things.
9. I've recently been thinking of making bow ties for Flo and Mogli for Christmas and this one looks extremely nice.
10. Oh my gosh, this is incredibly beautiful! <3 I've been seeing those old enamel sieves everywhere on the flea market and the person who had this pretty idea of using it as a flower pot definitely inspired me to make such a thing for my new balcony. :)
So, what's your favourite? :)


  1. Wunderschön! Mein Favorit ist definitiv das Kleid, ich sehe im Moment sooo viele tolle Kleider, die ich gerne nachnähen möchte. Aber dazu braucht es leider immer viel Stoff und der ist so teuer:-( Aber Inspirationen finden und anschauen ist trotzdem toll!

  2. Hach ja, ich würd auch gerne soooo viel nähen, aber es gibt immer so viele Ideen und so wenig Zeit! :) Gibt es bei euch in der Schweiz nich auch große Stoffmärkte? Hier gibt es immer den Stoffmarkt Holland der durch Deutschland tourt und da gibt es auch große Mengen zu kleineren Preisen. :)

  3. Danke für deine Glückwünsche! Sind Hunde nicht großartig? Hab soeben deinen bewundert!
    Ps: hab deinen schönen Blog verlinkt - jetzt entgeht mir nichts mehr!

  4. Oh danke, da freu ich mich! :) Muss unbedingt auch meine Leseliste auf den neuesten Stand bringen, dann kommt ihr da auch rein. :) Liebe Grüße

  5. nr 2 x 3 <3 <3 <3 das würde auch super zusammenpassen <3 <3 <3 du hast n tollen geschmack und stil herzchen :*

  6. Ooh, there are clips on those shoes? That is a very good idea!

  7. love that dress! and i actually need a peter pan tutorial for halloween, thnaks so much for linking!! :)

  8. Danke, Anja! <3

    Sammy, I don't know wether these are only clips or if they are part of the shoes, but it looks sooo pretty and I've recently seen a DIY tutorial for making shoe clips, so I wanna make this, too. :)

    Cheryl, you're welcome! :)


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