Sunday, October 23, 2011

DIY Project List of Past DIYs

Happy Sunday! :) For those who are relatively new to my blog (Hello, I'm glad you read my posts! :)), here's a list of past DIY projects I posted some time ago. I know that Sunday is a day when many of you sit at home and craft or sew (Apart from going to the flea market, that's one of my favourite ways to spend Sundays, too :)), and that's why I thought I could share a list of tutorials I once made and maybe there's somebody who wants to try one of those projects. :)

1. This is an easy sewing project perfect for beginners and I posted it only a short time ago. The tutorial shows you how to make a simpe heart-shaped pillow, either as a gift for the special one you love, or to beautify your bedroom. :)
2. During my first blog party which I hosted past summer, I shared a project for how to make little cupcake pincushions.
3. Making those cute, little felt owl brooches was one of the first DIY projects I ever shared on my blog. :)
4. Here's a sewing tutorial for a camera case. If you want to read the German version, you can click here. :)
5. This project has also been developed last summer during my first blog party, I shared how to print tote bags with natural stamps.
6. Finally, this was a colorful present I made for my mother: a canvas embellished with felt clouds and rain drops.

Wish you a happy Sunday, I'll be going to the new apartment to go on arranging the rooms and to build up furniture. :)


  1. Oh, die Cupcake Pincushions - ich bin verliebt (und so ein Mädchen!).

  2. Die Stempel find ich super und das Wolkenmotiv gefällt mir auch so mit den bunten Regentropfen - das hätt ich gern auf einem T-Shirt...
    LG Steffi

  3. That heart pillow is adorable! I'm going to follow your tutorial and make some for our wedding:)

  4. Great list! Thank you!

  5. And a happy Sunday to you too! I think my favourite has to be the print tote bags, it's super clever :)

  6. hej..super Blog! Tolle Ideen! Dawerd ich bestimmt demnächst mal was nachbauen.
    Schnieke Grüße,
    Grit alias Wundermurmel

  7. Dankeschön, das ist ja wirklich einen tolle Erinnerung :) Und dein Blog gefällt mir auch sehr, den muss ich gleich mal abonnieren ;)

  8. Thanks! :)
    Danke ihr Lieben, das höre ich gerne! :)


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