Monday, October 03, 2011

Preparations for the new apartment...

Hello, my dearest readers! :) I already told you a few days ago in this post that I bought a crate and inspired by the idea of using old wine crates as a shelf, I decided to get one for our new apartment. :) I went to an enoteca in Berlin where I bought the pretty, wooden crate for 2,50€. I know, it already looks great without paint, but I rather like it white, so I painted it. I will either hang it above my sewing table or above my desk and use it for little decor items or for pens, brushes, etc. What do you think? :)
Moreover, as you can see in the next photo, I've been shopping for other things for my new home, too. :) I found these pretty coat hooks and the tiny spice rack on DaWanda in a pretty vintage shop and I love them. :) I won't use the rack for spices (Flo doesn't like the color as much as I do and he probably wouldn't be excited about pink shelves in our kitchen :D), but instead, I will use it for my sewing corner. <3
I hope you had a lovely weekend, I've been relaxing and crafting a lot and I started watching Gilmore Girls again. <33 Lu :)


  1. I'm super excited to see your new apartment in all it's glory :) Because I am loving these little bits already! Great job Lu <3

  2. great little scores! love that pink spice rack - that would be perfect for paint bottles, no?

  3. Thanks! :)
    Oh, yes, paint bottles, that's a good idea! :)

  4. Absolut perfekt! Ich bin gerade am Ideen Sammeln für Wandgestaltung. Wäre also auch eine tolle Option für unsere Küche oder mein Zimmer! Hmm...


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