Saturday, October 08, 2011

And I'm still crafting and sewing...

Hey, happy Saturday and hello to my new followers! :) How's your week been so far?
Apart from the projects I've already posted on my blog (and apart from working, of course :)), I went to IKEA, sewed a lot and prepared even more things for the new apartment (I know, I'm barely talking about anything else at the moment, but that won't change untill the beginning of November... :)).
When we went to IKEA, I bougt a huuuge sewing and cutting table (can't wait for the day when I do not have to cut large pieces of fabric on my floor anymore), shelves and some other stuff.
Moreover, I made those cute felt pinwheels for the window seats of our new apartment's kitchen and this weekend I'm working on kitchen textiles (I'm sewing matching potholders, oven gloves, an apron and kitchen towels, using extremely pretty fabric with red apples. <3
What have you been doing? :)
Lu :)


  1. I hope you will show us some pictures when everything is done.
    I still have to cut on the floor :/


  2. Du arbeitest in einem Stoffgeschäft?! Da werd ich jetzt fast ein bisschen neidisch... :-) Bist du da nicht dauernd in Versuchung, einzukaufen?
    Die Variante vom Apfelstoff mit weißem Untergrund kenn ich - aber was ist die dritte Variante?
    LG Steffi


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