Monday, September 05, 2011

What a great late summer weekend!

Hello! :) Did you have a great weekend? :) Mine was awesome and here are a few fake polaroid photos I took with my mobile phone. :) On Friday, Hanna and I spontaneaously went to Berlin Kreuzberg to a Turkish market. There were so many interesting people, lots of exotic food and pretty fabric. Of course I couldn'r resist buying some. :)

Later, we sat in a beergarden in the sun and had a cold beer. :)

Afterwards, we drove to IKEA where I even bought more fabric and had much fun looking at pretty funiture. On Saturday, I sewed myself a pretty, floral skirt with some fabric I bought at work.

Moreover, I made another gamepad pillow for an American customer who ordered it via etsy. :) On Sunday there was a huuuuge fabric market in Potsdam and I bought even more fabric. The pile on the photo above is my fabric loot of the whole weekend. :) Yes, I'm addicted to buying fabric and creating something with it.

On Sunday in the afternoon, Flo, a couple we are friends with and I went to the Mauerpark (Wall Park) in Berlin. Each Sunday there's a huuuge flea market and in summer the park is full of street artists and there's even a fantastic open air karaoke. We saw lots of pretty things, sat in the sun and enjoyed the last hot day of the year.

I love all the little treasures on can find on flea markets, I always don't know where to look first.

We enjoyed the awesome weather all afternoon, took lots of photos and listened to the people singing karaoke. <3

These two ladies have amazing knapsacks, haven't they? :) At the end of the day, before we ate the most delicious frozen yoghurt to end this perfect day, we listened to some drummers who were drumming the most amazing rhythms and watched all those people dancing. I love that there are always people of any age and from all walks of life and being at the Wall Park on Sundays in summer is always like being on a huge open air party. <333

I bought these 3 pretty floral plates on the flea market, each for 1€. :) Aren't they pretty? Today I sewed 14 loop scarves, using the different kinds of pretty fabric I bought on the weekend. :) I'll list them on DaWanda soon. :)
Did you also have a great weekend? What have you been doing? :)


  1. Love your skirt and all the other pretty fabrics! I spent the weekend drawing, list making (for 30 days of lists) and hanging with the fella, along with a little rummaging. :) Hope you have a beautiful week!

  2. You've been so productive and I love the jewelry there! Pretty plates, indeed! Happy to read that you have wonderful weekend!


  3. Thanks! :)
    Oh, I haven't been drawing for agaes, that would be a good thing to do, too. :)


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