Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pretty fabric bunting for the bedroom.

Happy Sunday!!! :) Here's one of my latest projects, a pretty bunting for our bedroom. :) Since we are going to move soon, I wanted to give the bedroom a fresh look and wanted to prepare some things which I can then use to decorate our new home. We have lots of bedclothes in all shades of blue and yellow, so I thought that the colors of the bunting would be pefect. How do you like it? :) I'm currently preparing things for the new apartment nearly every day, I'm painting furniture, ordering things, preparing home decor and I'm looking for home inspiration on Pinterest. Today we are going to get our new kitchen cabinet from the 50s which I bought from a furninute conservator a week ago. I will have to refresh the paint, but apart from this, it's in pretty good condition and I love the old look so much! :) Can't wait to share before / after photos after we have moved. :)
Do you have any special plans for today? Apart from collecting the kitchen cabinet from its seller, I will finish a birthday present for a friend of mine who is going to celebrate her birthday next weekend and I will paint a little shelf I bought a few days ago. <3
Love, Lu

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  1. Aww and a nice little project it is :) Want to see more of these please!


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