Saturday, September 17, 2011

My life in fake polaroid pictures. :)

Hey! :) It's time for some new fake polaroid photos! :) They were all taken during the end of summer, either in August, or in September. The beautiful flower garden is in Potsdam on a small island on the river close to the city center. On the second photo you can see Potsdam's world famous castle 'Sans Souci', the city's main tourist attraction, and finally there's one of my beloved, colorful outfits. :)

I love the quote, saw it in Berlin. I found the old typewriters in the Wall Park in Berlin when I went to the flea market with an old friend a few weeks ago and afterwards we ate frozen yoghurt. Mine was with fresh strawberries and strained lemon cake. <3

A pretty, green bike in Berlin, a sunny day with Flo at the lido and my mother's dining-room table with fresh, homemade plum cake when we came to visit her. <3

This photo was taken Kassel, the town where I grew up. There are some beautiful fields and forests next to the fringes and there's a huge area for dogs. My best friend and I went there with Mogli and as you can see on the next photo, we met two pugs. Although Mogli is much bigger than they were, he was afraid of them. :D The pretty flower decor is on my mother's window seat.

Hihi, this is me, do you recongnize me? :) Those childhood days photos are so cute, aren't they? :) I took a photo of them hanging on my mother's wall. I especially love the one with the handmade flower garland on my head. :) Ohhh, and those pretty matryoshkas, they are on my mother's window seat, too. :)

Now it's time for a relaxing Saturday evening! :) Do you have any plans? Yesterday I bought an old kitchen cabinet from the 50s which is in extremely good condition and it was a steal at its price. :))) Can't wait to share photos! :) Moreover, I've already prepared a new DIY project, I hope I'll be able to share a few photos tomorrow! :)
Have a nice evening / day! :)

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