Friday, September 02, 2011

I fell in love with Pinterest.

I've already known about the site's existence for a few months, but I've just discovered how awesome Pinterest is and asked for an invite and I totally LOVE it! For those who don't know the site yet, it's smililar to photo sharing sites like weheartit or tumblr, but in my opinion it's MUCH better, it's just the perfect virtual pinboard for inspirarion. What is best about it (in comparision to tumblr or weheartit) is that one can create different kinds of boards and one thus can sort the images and not only collect and save them at random. This way, it's easier to find something, to link back to the original source and to share inspiration. :)
I became most interested in Pinterest since we decided what we are going to relocate in fall and I'm currently totally interested in home improving and upcycling DIY ideas to become more inspired for our new apartment. Can't wait! :)
If you are on Pinterest, too, you can find me here. :)
Happy Friday!

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