Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY: From picture frame to jewellery holder.

Hi! :) Today's time for another DIY project. :) As you know, I recently painted my kitchen table and I still had some paint left, so I was wondering what to use it for. Last week I bought a kitchen cabinet from the 50s for our new apartment and where I bought it, there were sooo many other old things, I didn't know where to look first. :) I got this old picture frame for just 1€ and I cleaned it and rubbed it down. :) Here's how I turned it into a jewellery holder:

1. You need:
- An old picture frame
- Some paperboards
- Paint for wooden furniture, a bit more than the size of the frame
- A brush and some finish to paint your frame
- Scissors and sticky tape
- Lace
- A stapler

2. Paint the picture frame in the color of your choice (I painted two frames, because I wanted to give another old, blue frame a new, fresh look) and let it dry. How long you need to let it dry depends on the type of paint you use.

3. Take some paperboards, adjust them to the size of the frame and tape them together.
4. Next, cover the paperboards with the fabric and tape the endings onto the back of the paperboards.

5. Use the stapler to fix the lace onto the paperboard which is now covered with fabric. The lace will later hold your jewellery.
6. Finally, put the paperboard onto the back of the frame and use the stapler to attach it. That's it! :) Do you like it? :)


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