Thursday, August 11, 2011

My life in fake-polaroid pictures. :)

In Potsdam there's a little organic and vegetarian cafe where they make the most delicious and healthy vegetable pizza with fresh salad, it's sooo good. :) On the right photo you can see how I was working on the pattern for Flo's birthday present.

Here's a stamp I made for the DIY week on my blog and some gameboy pouches I was making for my shops.

Of course Anja and I ate lots of sorbet and I enjoyed my homemade jam.

Some weeks ago I printed some tote bags, I love the design.

Hmmmm, I'm addicted to frozen yoghurt!! :) I like it best with fresh strawberries... :) And I started crocheting accessories for fall to sell them online, I already finished two hats and I also bought lots of wool to keep on making more. :)


  1. guckma da hat die sonne noch geschienen :( (ich will n frojo! <3 )

  2. That pizza looks amazing! Your jam looks lovely too, what flavour is it!?


  3. Beautiful inspiring photos :)
    You are in such a crafty mood at the moment, it is getting my in the spirit of sewing too!


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