Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flea market treasures.

Hello! :) On Sunday I went to my favourite flea market in Berlin and bought those pretty plates and candlesticks, each item for 1€. :) I've been searching for a cupcake stand for months and I didn't find one which was inexpensive AND pretty, so I decided to make one myself. Today I cleaned the plates and sticks and tomorrow I'll glue them onto each other so that I have my own, unique cupcake stand which then has only cost me 4€ plus the money for the glue. :) Next weekend I'll probably go to the flea market again and in case I find another plate which is slightly bigger and goes well with these two I already have, I'll buy it and make the stand even bigger. :) What do you think? :) Can't wait to finish this project and to share more photos. <3 Lu


  1. Oh yay, yoz'll finally get your cupcake stand :) very pretty plates, can't wait to see the result

  2. finally you've made it!!! they are very pretty and I'm curious how it will look like :)



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