Monday, August 29, 2011

24 Recipes // Number 9: Mediterranean Omelette with Curd Cheese.

Heyyy, here's a new, totally delicious and easy recipe. :)

You need:
- Eggs (the amount of eggs depends on how hungry you are and for how many people you are making the omelette, we used 8 eggs for two people)
- Balsamico vinegar
- Olive oil
- A fresh onion
- Fresh garlic
- Olives
- Dried tomatoes
- Curd cheese
- Fresh chives

The recipe:
Chop the garlic and the onion and put them into a little bowl. Add the eggs and a dash of the balsamico vinegar. Stir everything, heat the olive oil in a pan and the add the mixture and fry it. In the meantime, cut the dried tomatoes and olives into slices, chop the chives and spread everything over the omelette as soon as it is ready. That's it, you only have to add the curd cheese and then you have a tasty dish which does not need long to be prepared and made. :)

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