Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is where I live.

Good morning! :) A few weeks ago Kim asked me to write a guest post for her blog about the town where I'm living and now I want to share this on my own blog, too. :) 
I have been living in Potsdam for over 2 years now, it’s my place of residence and I love this city so much. Potsdam is full of beautiful, old buildings, a lot of them have been restored and here’s much water and lots of green areas and romantic parks. What is more, Potsdam is really close to Berlin, so you don’t need much time to go to the city. :)
Here I’m gonna show you some photos of Potsdam I took during the last two years to give you an impression of how it looks here. :)

On those two lomography actionsampler photos you can see the old Nikolai Church and a part of the New Palace, two of Potsdam’s famous buildings.

On the left, there’s the New Palace, it is located in Park Sans Souci, one of Germany’s most famous parks. On the right, there’s the place in front of the Nikolai Church and the old city hall which is normally full of tourists. :)

As you can see on those two images, a lot of buildings have already been restored, but there are also some left which seem to be forgotten. I love those contrasts in our townscape.

On the left, you can see the Dutch quarter, there are many tiny cafes and restaurants and next to the quarter, there’s a lovely market every day where one can buy regional fruits and vegetables. On the right, there’s one of the many beautiful places at the water, because Potsdam is surrounded by many lakes. :)

Potsdam has the best ice-cream parlor ever, they sell the most delicious sorbets. :) What is more, since here is so much water, we also have water cabs, they are like a huge cab on the water in form of a boat.

Here’s the Nikolai Church again, located behind the University for applied sciences. On the right, there’s the Little Brandenburger Tor which is located in Potsdam’s city center, it is an adaption of the original Brandenburger Tor in Berlin.

Here’s the beautiful Brandenburger Tor again and the Nauener Tor. The original city center was surrounded by a wall, but today, only its gates still exist. The two shown on the photos are just two of them.

Thanks for reading! :) In case you have once posted about your own hometown, let me know and leave me a link, I'd love to see where my readers are coming from. :)


  1. Liebe Lu!
    Ich habe heute deinen Blog entdeckt und bin begeistert!

    Ich war auch schon auf deiner DaWanda-Seite und finde deine Sachen total schön!

    Das wollte ich mal loswerden :)
    Liebsten Gruß!

  2. Ohh, vielen, vielen Dank, sowas höre ich natürlich sehr gerne! :)
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Oh, I've been to Potsdam and it's AMAZING! I've been there last November for just one day and although it was pouring rain I really loved it! There is so much green everywhere, all the buildings are magical, and Park Sans Souci... well, I wish I had seen it in Spring all filled with flowers. Your city is like it has came out of a fairytale, from another era. You are so lucky living there. :-)

  4. I had a childhood pen pal from Potsdam. LOVE your pictures! Very cool post.


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